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‘Black magic’ by Jains behind global warming, claims book 'Jagathitkarni'

Thursday, 19 November 2009 - 2:49pm IST | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: dna

Anoop Mandal members take clue from book.

It may sound strange but Anoop Mandal members say Jains are responsible for excessive carbon emissions that cause global warming. The members draw their convictions from the book 'Jagathitkarni' written by Anoop Dasji,  founder of the cult.

On the second day of their national conference at Zundal, Anoop Mandal national president Amrut Prajapati said, "Thousands of Anoop Mandal members have come to participate in the 'Pruthvi Bachao Mahabhiyan'. We talked on saving all the living creatures on earth, identifying mother earth as a living creation, and spreading awareness among people about the secret black magic techniques used by Vanias (Jains). We want to spread the message of 'Jagathitkarni' for the security of our future generations. The book states that some of the Jains have crossed the sea boundaries and gone outside 'Delhi Mandal'. They are in consultation with the Jain Sadhus in India and are causing global warming, earthquakes, floods and droughts."

Referring to recent Hollywood movie 2012, Prajapati said: "Talk about the end of mankind in movies, is not a joke. All these natural calamities are happening because of Jains’ secret black magic. It should be stopped. Only Jagathitkarni can save us from Jains. We should follow it because if world is saved, we will be saved."

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