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Arun Jaitley, Car No.6666

Sunday, 20 April 2014 - 7:50am IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: dna

Some have enough cash in the till to take leave and go on a world tour many times over. Others have wheels that keep them cruising on the fast lane. Yes, the 'neta' of today's India is a tribe apart.

For instance, who would have thought that the intensely erudite and encyclopedic Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, fancies high-end cars, and that he's not above craving for and obtaining a unique number-plate for every one of the five cars he has listed in his affidavit.

Yep, each of Jaitley's five cars' front and tail is adorned with 6666... That's one more '6' than the devil's number! Jaitley is fighting the Amritsar Lok Sabha seat and is pitted against someone no less than a high-flying Maharaja in Capt Amrinder Singh, who has labelled Jaitley a rank 'outsider', to be shunned, and voted out.

To escape the 'outsider' tag, Jaitley has purchased a flat in Amritsar for Rs1 crore though, from the photographs, it appears as if he might find it difficult to park all his five cars outside his pad. Looks like, at any time of the year, at least three or even four of his expensive cars will always be 'outsiders' to Amritsar.

Anyway, here's the parking order of Jaitley's cars: Mercedes Benz (DL3 CCM-6666). Price: Rs 78,89,300; BMW (ICL-6666). Price: Rs 86,57,377; Honda Accord (DLICM-6666). Price: Rs 20,44,453; Toyota Fortuner (DL10CA-6666). Only one car in his expensive fleet strays by a digit from '6666' --- a sleek Porche (DL8CW=6660) priced at Rs1,267,506.

If that doesn't give every right to Jaitley to qualify to be an 'insider' in Amritsar, what should? For, isn't he a 'Car-sevak', like hundreds of others in Punjab. In fact, car dealers have cornered almost 25% of the commercial real estate in the state, with showrooms showcasing beauties on wheels.

Before we vroom off, let's also tell you that besides expensive wheels, Jaitley is also a lover of jewellery. He has 5,030gm of gold jewellery, valued at Rs1.36crore; silver jewellery worth Rs7.6 lakh and diamonds that cost him Rs45 lakh. His total wealth is in the range of Rs72 crore with a nice ring to it.

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