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AAP tweets 'incriminating' documents against Nitin Gadkari: Evidence or hastily compiled propaganda?

Thursday, 22 May 2014 - 3:58pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Aam Aadmi Party releases documents allegedly incriminating Nitin Gadkari following Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest

Following the events of Wednesday, where AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal was arrested and refused to post bail, there were protests seen by AAP party members in Delhi who were arrested which included leaders like Yogendra Yadav.

AAP member Ashutosh was even quoted as having said that considering the police chose to employ use of force, members in a meeting with Kejriwal decided to commence a door-to-door campaign as opposed to outright protests. AAP even tweeted about the mistreatment of their protestors by the police.

However AAP has not taken the entire situation lying down it would seem. Their Twitter handle released a series of documents they claim prove that Gadkari is in fact guilty of having exploiting farmers in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.

The point being that these documents open into a series of PDF documents that seem like scans of important documents that try to point to Gadkari’s guilt.

This may seem like a simple enough relationship to most, however, AAP has not bothered to quote from where or how these documents were obtained. Although earlier Kejrwal had said that his allegations were based on information obtained through an RTI by his colleague Anjali Damania. 

The introductory paragraph on the AAP page simply states that he BJP was not fulfilling its role of the opposition party, to the contrary it was ignoring the plights of the farmers and profiting off of it.

These documents however make no real sense to most considering they a series of receipts of payment to farmers compensating them for land acquired by the government.

There has been no further explanation provided regarding the documents and of course the most glaring problem being that they have not been presented in court.

AAP's intentions might actually have backfired considering most of the responses to their tweet are negative, most people having similar doubts, especially the lack of any further explanation.

All in all, the move seems fairly irresponsible considering the nation is currently being flashed with news regarding Kejriwal which is painting his actions like a political stunt as opposed to a noble act against corruption.  

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