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Dev model will be unique for Rajasthan: Bhupendra Yadav

Thursday, 12 December 2013 - 2:33pm IST | Place: Jaipur | Agency: DNA
One of Vasundhara Raje's most trusted lieutenants and Rajya Sabha MP, Bhupendra Yadav speaks to Abhishek Tiwari about party's future plans.

BJP has got a massive mandate this time. Were you expecting 162 seats?
Bhupendra Yadav: We knew that we will be getting a historic mandate in the Assembly elections this time from the people of the state. We were also confident that we will get more than 2/3 majority, we were also sure that our vote share will increase. But definitely we got more than what we had expected. In the later stages we were expecting 140-150 but 162 seats were not imagined.

Now that your party has won there are a lot of expectations, what will be the priority?
Vasundharaji had Suraaj Sankalp for governance this time instead of an election manifesto. For the development of any state, basic infrastructure, attention on basic issues, social security these three issues Vasundharaji’s able leadership will be working and will deliver. We have a working plan in place on which we will work; you will soon see results coming in.

Will there be a kind of uniform governance in all the three states where BJP has formed the government?
The basis remains the same about infrastructure, social peace and transparent government. But as there are different conditions in different states any government will have to take in consideration the regional and social conditions. Sabka saath and sabka vishwas is the basic principle.

Last time there were differences between the RSS and the BJP. The party also lost the elections in 2008 and then you came in the scene. Are you the bridge between the RSS and BJP?
In the BJP several workers work in the party after taking inspiration from the RSS. Previously too there were no differences nor there is any difference now nor would there be in the future. As for being a bridge, I am just one of the workers of the party, whatever has been achieved is the result of team work.

You were one of the main architects of Suraaj Sankalp Yatra and BJP electoral success. How do you see your journey?
This is not a success of one individual, but the result of the efforts of the team. Personally I would say that during this 14,000 km journey we tried to understand the state through its geography, culture, educational spheres. Though this was a political yatra but it was also a way of communicating with the people, about 35 lakh people were touched through this yatra. Through this yatra understanding of the issues of people was a big achievement.

In what role in the state will we see you now?
I am a missionary worker of the party. Wherever party decides for me I will work. I do not have any personal mission I work on party mission.

Are you the next state BJP president? Your name is being taken as one of the probables?
No, there is no such thing, there is no such discussion.

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