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LIVE: Narendra Modi targets Congress free-nation as poll agenda at Baghpat rally in UP

Saturday, 29 March 2014 - 12:25pm IST | Place: Baghpat | Agency: DNA web desk

Narendra Modi addressed a huge rally at Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. Amid, huge chaos, he spoke about, 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan' manifesto of BJP and why 2014 is the age of Congress-free India. He spoke about core issues of youth development, one-rank one pension and security to backward communities. 

*Satya Ka Kamal Khile Aur Baghpat Kshetra phale phule: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*The ideology where we come from...to be something, to aspire posts is not what we believe in: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*2014 is the year of the lotus and Modi: Narendra Modi in Baghpat, UP 

*Our ideology is that India is everything for us, that society is bigger than family. We will live and die for the nation: Narendra Modi

*Shahzada said Modi is an ideology. I am proud to be from an ideology. Our ideology is Nation is bigger than party: Narendra Modi

*I urge you- we have to make the Government in Delhi but we need a Lotus from Baghpat also: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*Do you trust those sitting in power in Delhi or Lucknow?- Narendra Modi to congress. 

*Law and order is poor thats why we have got a seasoned police officer. Thats why we need to send him: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*What kind of a situation is this where the women are not safe: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*Narendra Modi targets Congress, says the party's motto is, 'Mar Jawaan, Mar Kisaan'. 

*We could have developed these places like Satellite towns of Delhi be it Baghpat, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Gautam Buddha Nagar: Narendra Modi

*These family parties...things can't change with them. Lets free ourselves from dynasty politics: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*Will you trust those people who betrayed their father's legacy? Baghpat needs a grounded leader not a flying one- Narendra Modi.

*2014 is the year of the louts and Modi, says Narendra Modi in Baghpat, UP rally 

*We admire Chaudhary Charan Singh but his own son has left his path: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*In a society if a son leaves the father's path, he cannot be accepted in that society & that too for power: Narendra Modi

*Can you trust who betrayed the path of their father? Let them keep flying planes but Baghpat doesn't want Hawai Netas: Narendra Modi

*Baghpat needs a leader who will walk shoulder to shoulder with the farmers. Jameeni Neta Chahiye: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*Yeh Hawai Neta Hai, Unhe Aapke Raaste Ki Parwah Nahi Hai: Narendra Modi on Ajit Singh

*Is this your Jai Kisan that farmers are committing suicide: Narendra Modi questions the Congress

*Heads of our soldiers are cut but on the other hand Pakistan leaders are fed Chicken Biryani: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*Congress kept playing with emotions of soldiers but never gave a solution. If Atal ji had won in 2004 then things would be different: Modi.

*In 1857 it was Kamal Aur Roti, today it is Kamal Aur Modi: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*This is the region that was very active in 1857. That time slogan was Angrez Mukt Bharat for Swarjya. Today its Congress Mukt Bharat: Modi

*From Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati's Janmabhoomi, I am coming to his Karmabhoomi. Our bond is very deep: Narendra Modi in Baghpat

*This is the region that was very active in 1857. That time slogan was Angrez Mukt Bharat for Swarjya. Today its Congress Mukt Bharat: Narendra Modi. 

*Couldn't we have told Pakistan PM that this can wait? No, but the Centre lacks that courage: Narendra Modi

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