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Govt at center will not be made without AAP's support: Arvind Kejriwal in Kanpur rally

Sunday, 2 March 2014 - 3:51pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

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Speaking to a crowd at Kanpur, Arvind Kejriwal kick started his rally as part of a three-day road show. 

He blamed the people for electing the tainted minister responsible for the coal scam. But he further added, "If there is any wave, it is the wave of the people. Modi's wave is only on tv channels."

He further added, "I have been to 17 Vidhan Sabha constituencies in UP and I saw no wave in favour of Modi. There's no 'Modi wave' there's just a wave of anger, and you will see this anger in the 2014 polls."

Continuing his attack on Modi, "BJP gave all oil wells to Mukesh Ambani."

Once again bringing up the accusations against Ambani's, he adds, "Over Rs 50 crore are being spent on Modi's rallies; it is Mukesh Ambani is paying for these rallies."

"They says Modi used to sell tea, how does a tea seller have helicopters for travel?" he questions.

"Modi doesn't even respond to my letter on his use of Ambani's helicopters; how will he respond to your complaints," he adds.

"I have Mukesh and Anil Ambani's Swiss bank account numbers," says Kejriwal, challenging the BJP leader to investigate the Ambani's assets. "Is filing fir against ambani unconstitutional?" he questions.

"We showed you the reality of TV channels a few days ago, they take money for biased opinion polls," he adds.

"I am not here to ask for votes, I'm here to appeal to you to save the country," he says."There's only one party in the country that can give the nation an honest government," he adds.

Talking about his short term Delhi government, he adds, "People say during my government the police stopped taking bribes. I got 17 engineers suspended in five minutes for corruption."

"I sat on dharna for the people of Delhi and for women's security," he recollects. He then compares his short lived governance to that of Gujarat. "Have you been to Gujarat? Who told you about development in Gujarat?"

"I am going to Gujarat on the 5thof this month to see the extent of development in the state," he states. "Riot doesn't take place on its own; they are forced," he points out. "If AAP forms government we will investigate the riots and punish those involved," he promises.

"If we have any hatred towards anyone we need to get rid of it, otherwise these politicians will keep feeding on it," he advises.

"The government at the center will not be made without Aam Aadmi Party's support," he says.

In conclusion, Kejriwal appeals to AAP volunteers to fight without greed, "I request AAP members not to fight for tickets. We are not like the BJP," he says.



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