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Congress had an ideology during days of Mahatma Gandhi: Narendra Modi referring to Congress as party of 'fake Gandhis'

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 - 1:20pm IST | Place: Karnataka | Agency: DNA Webdesk

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is addressing the first of his two rallies in the state of Karnataka today.

Talking to the people of Davangere, he said, "I have come here before. Have got chance to interact with you but have never seen anything like this."

"The weather is getting hot and the political heat is also increasing," he says referring to the ongoing parliamentary turmoil. 

"I am shocked, that Sonia and Rahul Gandhu come here but what about nearby Andhra Pradesh," he comments.

Further raking the Telangana issue, he adds, "They do not have the time to visit Andhra Pradesh when the people there need the support. Congress put salt on their wounds."

"Andhra Pradesh put them to power in Delhi, but what have they done?" he questions. 

"Congress arrogance is sky high. Why should we be concerned about a Congress that does not care for you," he tells the people.

"A small punishment will not do for the Congress. If we want to save India then only mantra is Congress Mukt Bharat," he says.

Continuing his accusations on the Congress, he add, "There is no trace of democracy in the Congress. For Congress democracy is only about power, nothing else."

"Democracy has four enemies—dynasty, casteism, communalism and opportunism—and Congress has them all."

Evoking Mahatma Gandhi in his address, Modi refers to the Gandhis as 'Nakli (fake) Gandhi'. "When Mahatma Gandhi was around Congress had an ideology."

He further identifies BJP with nationalistic values and accuses the Congress of harbouring values of dynasty and nepotism.

"When he hear about the poor, we do not get sleep," says Modi.

Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi's approach to women empowerment, he says, "Congress lacks plan for women safety. But look at Delhi, it has become the rape capital."

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