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He is above politics: Hemant Takle, Member of Legislative Council, Maharashtra

Thursday, 12 December 2013 - 9:53am IST | Agency: DNA
Hemant Takle, Member of Legislative Council, Maharashtra; Treasurer, Maharashtra Pradesh Nationalist Congress Party, provides rare insights into Sharad Pawar, the person and the leader

Sharad Pawar has been in politics for over five decades. He started off at a very young age and is aware of each aspect and segment, from the villages and rural areas to metros and urban areas. 
He has a good grasp of every topic relating to the people of India. From the days when he used to go to the farmer’s market to sell the produce to the stage when he was a student leader while pursuing his education at Pune, all the experiences are included in his personality.

No matter however high he rose in stature and position, he has always been receptive and ready to hear any new point of view or idea. That shows just how humble he is as a person. Whatever he learnt from the political stalwarts who guided him initially, has all been inculcated in him.

The Lavasa project was the first hill station created after the British left India. The objective was to create a new city. People ask, what was the reason? They need to see the larger picture and understand the vision behind Lavasa.

Some scientists are against the BT crops, but let me ask a simple question. Sharad Pawar has so much experience in agriculture, he has gone through all the research and analysis, why would he stand by the BT crops if he did not believe that they were benefiting the farmers and playing a key role towards the goal of ensuring food security? The BT variants are misunderstood by the scientist community. He does not want to give benefit to the multinationals but to the local farmers. Previously, agriculture was neglected. Sharad Pawar has brought the sector in focus and made it a priority sector.

After being the president of MCA, BCCI and ICC, people asked why he again became the president of MCA. One should look at it in terms of his contribution to the sport and his vision for cricket. How many politicians have genuinely done something for sports? In Karnataka they tried but couldn’t deliver. Administration needs to be of a certain level. Consider the plight of retiring players, it has to be oriented to aspects like that.

It is not only sports that he is interested in. His passion is visible even in fields like literature. he is always meeting people, discussing developments... He is associated with the Nehru Center, Y B Chavan Pratisthan...

Sharad Pawar has always tried to do something new, to contribute in a different way. He is above politics, he tries to change society and take it to a higher level in al spheres, be it industry, agriculture, sports... .’Saheb’ as he is popularly referred to, endeavours to transform it.   

As told to Vijay Pandya

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