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Weight-loss surgery reverses diabetes concern for kidney patient

Friday, 28 February 2014 - 8:00am IST | Agency: dna

A SoBo man, who had a kidney transplant some years ago, last month successfully underwent bariatric surgery to help control high sugar levels that could have affected his kidney all over again.

Aneesh Chougule, 47, was found to have kidney stones in 2004 and he underwent a transplant after the problem got serious. This stabilised his renal parameters.

But a couple of years later, he was diagnosed with diabetes. "In 2007, we found he was gradually gaining weight. He was diagnosed with diabetes and the creatinine levels started to bother him," said Dr Motwani,

Chougule required about 150 units of insulin daily. So, Dr MM Bahadur, consultant neprologist and kidney specialist at Jaslok hospital, advised that he undergo weight-loss surgery.

"It has been shown that obesity has a deteriorating impact on kidneys. But it's a challenge to operate on a kidney transplant patient for obesity, as even a little mistake could result in the loss of the kidney," Dr Motwani explained.

A month after the surgery, Chougule weighs 12 kilogrammes less. "His blood sugar levels are in control and he requires just 20 units of insulin a day. The creatinine level is also under control," said Dr Motwani. Doctors expect he could lose up to 30-40 kg in six months.

The successful procedure is significant in a country where about 14,000 people undergo weight-loss surgery annually to deal with obesity-related ailments like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even certain cancers.

"India is the world capital of type 2 diabetes and will soon become the capital for obesity. If the government recognises obesity as a disease, pressure could be mounted on insurance firms to meet the costs of surgery," said Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, bariatric surgeon at Saifee hospital.

Dr Raman Goel, consulting bariatric surgeon at Bombay hospital, said that with the success of this procedure, more and more people were keen to undergo surgery. "Diabetes is successfully controlled by bariatric surgery, but the cost can be a deterrent." The cost of weight-loss surgery is estimated between Rs4 lakh and Rs6 lakh.

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