Watch sexy Katy Perry don 'Jungle Girl' look in video of new single 'Roar'

Sunday, 8 September 2013 - 8:52am IST | Agency: YouTubedna webdesk

Singer Katy Perry in the video of her new single Roar looks sexy and determined as the woman who much like George of the Jungle and Tarzan ends up in a jungle.

The I kissed a girl singer goes in the song from a lover who doesn't get attention to a self-dependent who goes on to become queen of the jungle.

With a monkey and elephant as her side-kicks, Katy Perry roars her way to taming a tiger as she swings from trees and hunts for herself in the forest donning sexy attire as well as indulging in 'girly' behaviour from painting nails to putting lipstick to clicking 'selfies'.