Review: 'I, Me Aur Main' has a tight first half leading to an unconventional climax

Friday, 1 March 2013 - 2:35pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The moment you see two heroines plastered on the poster with a hero, there is an assumption the film would be a love triangle.

Cast: John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Chitrangada Singh, Zarina Wahab, Mini Mathur, Sameer Soni
Director: Kapil Sharma
Rating - **1/2

The moment you see two heroines plastered on the poster with a hero, there is an assumption the film would be a love triangle. However, debutant director Kapil Sharma’s I, Me Aur Main strives to break the norm as it attempts to tell a contemporary modern day story  dealing with issues like live-in relationships, unwed pregnancy and infidelity.

We are introduced to Ishaan (John Abraham) as a child who’s pampered beyond means by his doting mother (Zarine Wahab) at the cost of his elder sister's (Mini Mathur) feelings. He grows up to be this man-child living with his girlfriend Anushka (Chitrangada) having  no concern about the gravity her emotions or the pending milk man’s bill! Surrounded by women – his mother, sister, girlfriend , the bitchy boss (Raima Sen) who hates his guts, he approaches their criticism  with his  signature ‘Ishaan’s the best’ self belief mantra where he air boxes his problems out of his head.

When everything seems to be going right, life takes an unexpected turn.Ishaan loses his job, his girlfriend and is faced with challenges beyond his control.  His new neighbor Gauri (Prachi Desai) turns out to be a temporary solution to his woes.A free spirited fashion stylist she is an antidote to Anushka’s grim and brooding commitment craving personality.  But their flirtatious romance is short lived as Ishaan’s past comes haunting him  throwing him in the pits of introspection and perspective. What happens between these three characters and how they deal with each others insecurities and feelings is what the film turns out to be.

Thankfully the dialogues are light and breezy, keeping the conversations seem real. Sharma has a keen eye to create moments that don’t get too serious or dwell upon the dark side of the situation. Ishaan and Anushka’s scenes in the second half are poignant and restrained highlighting  the fragility of their relationship without going overboard with the dramatics. The Saajna track is a lyrical gem and works superbly in conveying the pain of an unrequited love.

John  fits the role of Ishaan with ease. His body language and self confidence seems natural. Chitrangda is the underdog managing  to leave a lasting impression each time she comes on screen. Prachi has the meatiest role and she sinks her teeth into it with glee. Her transition from the care-a-damn next door neighbor to someone who understands that nothing lasts forever is portrayed marvelously. However, the second half loses steam before the climax kicks in. The sequence where Ishaan launches his musical protege is long drawn. Prachi’s change of heart towards the end could have had a better graph.  Raima’s character seems out of place, like a prop used to fill in the loop holes.

I, Me Aur Main has a tight first half leading to an unconventional climax.  Watch it if new-age romance laced with a good looking ensemble is what gets you ticking.

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