Review: '3' (Tamil)

Saturday, 31 March 2012 - 11:59am IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

If you were planning to watch 3 just for the sake of Kolaveri Di, we’d ask you to rethink your plan — the film is worth so much more.

Film: 3 (Tamil)
Director: Aishwarya Dhanush
Cast: Dhanush, Shruti Hassan, Bhanupriya, Prabhu
Rating: ***

If you were planning to watch 3 just for the sake of Kolaveri Di, we’d ask you to rethink your plan — the film is worth so much more.

Before we even start to review this movie, one must appreciate Aishwarya Dhanush for reinstating the hope that Kollywood can always redefine and reinterpret itself — how we’ve longed for a movie that felt, sounded and looked like 3.

3 is a love story at its very core, but around a love story that passes through almost a whole lifetime of the two lead actors, you find intricate narratives based on anyone’s life from middle-class Chennai. From the almost palpable teenage passion of love, spiced with cuteness and loads of reality, to the seriousness of a relationship forged in a hurry — the storyline and the final representation on screen is commendable and stays with you long after the credits roll.

The first half of the film belongs to Shruti Hassan and prior to 3 we were convinced she couldn’t act. How wonderfully she’s proved us wrong and left us begging for more. Janani, her character, is a girl we’ve all known — studious, pretty and hell-bent on living up to her parents’ hopes and wishes in her. She however secretly just yearns for love, appreciation and passion, and when she finds it, she fights for it, stronger than you could ever imagine.

Bhanupriya and Prabhu are in their element and while neither contribute anything relevant to the plotline, they’re fabulous as Dhanush’s parents. Rohini as Shruti’s mother however is mind-blowing and stirs up a riot of emotions.

Needless to say, Dhanush is amazing! The man only surpasses his previous films and while bits of the storyline might remind you of Kaadhal Kondaen, the actor has far outdone his previous attempt at such a role.

Kolaveri Di... might be the only spoiler in the film however, and we’re just warning you ahead. It’s been shot well and has some really neat choreography, but after the hype we’ve seen it create,  we were a bit disappointed!

We won’t let you in on what happens in the second half and even though we’ve given you several clues already, all we’re going to say is it gets serious, really, really serious.

Be ready for a sob fest as emotions run wild, anger turns into rage and limits crossed in almost every scene.

The storyline swings between poles and while it can be entertaining in terms of a performance, it can demand a lot of patience from a viewer, so be warned.

We do not think anyone would want to watch the movie again, only because it demands too much from you emotionally. We however, plan to watch this movie once more and walk out during the interval, we’d advise the romantics to do the same.

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