Movie review: 'Dabangg 2 is old wine in an old bottle

Friday, 21 December 2012 - 2:36pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The film belongs to Salman Khan and that’s the only reason you’d want to go for it. It is quite an entertainer, but only for Salman fans.

Film: Dabangg 2
Director: Arbaaz Khan
Cast: Salman Khan, Salman Khan and Salman Khan
Rating: **1/2

It’s finally here! After going wild in Dabangg, Robin Hood Pandey is back to beat the hell out of the bad guys and teach them a lesson when they mess with the innocent citizens. And this time, he’s doing all this in the city of Kanpur. The sequel of Dabangg is a replica of the original film and brings nothing new.

Like I said 2 weeks ago, it’s the year where cops are on a roll and the best way perhaps to end this phenomenon (hoping it ends) was with Salman Khan. But before I go ahead, I have something to say to the filmmakers…We’ve had enough of the police-chor drama. Move on please.

The story is just the same as any other movie…Good cop, innocent family, terrifying villain who is in complete control of the city and ‘badle ki aag mein jalta hua’ hero.

Chulbul (Salman), along with his aviators, has been transferred to Kanpur where he resides with wife Rajjo (Sonakshi), father Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna) and brother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan). Bachcha bhaiyya (Prakash Raj), a fearsome criminal with political ambitions creates a ruckus in the town and in turn, Chulbul creates commotion in his life.

Salman, as usual, is at his best, delivering punches in slowmo sending the goons rolling into the air, smashing glasses and breaking bones. He does all that he has been doing in the past. Yes it’s a clichéd role, but the fans will love it. But, trust me when I say this…When Salman sends a man flying in 10 fps, it is more convincing than any other actor doing the same.

Sonakshi does justice to her character. Vinod Khanna is adorable as an old father enjoying his family life at its best. Arbaaz does not have much to do in the film. Prakash Raj is brilliant in the film and shows us once again why he’s a multiple National Award winner.

The story by Dilip Shukla has nothing new and since it has been woven around almost the same characters, the plot is simply a repetition of Dabangg. The dialogues keep up with the essence of the film, but nothing is worth taking home.

The songs are catchy, but are only enjoyable if you’re watching them on the big screen. Pandeyji seeti made me want to get up and dance in aisle of the theatre (that had more to do with Salman, Malaika and Sonakshi dancing in between some three hundred odd cops than to do with the music).

At the end of it, Dabangg 2 belongs to Salman and that’s the only reason you’d want to go for it. It is quite an entertainer, but only for Salman fans (like me).

In case we’re alive tomorrow (considering the world ends today), do catch the film. But don’t expect much out of it. While the film lacks in being a comprehensive package, it goes all the way in becoming yet another celebration of ‘brand Salman’. Every other character and element of the film just helps him entertain you for two and a half hours. If you’re looking for meaningful cinema, it is better you give this one a miss.

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