Film Review: 'Purani Jeans' fails to generate excitement with bad acting

Friday, 2 May 2014 - 8:20pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Cast: Aditya Seal, Izabelle Leite, Tanuj Virwani, Sarika, Rati Agnihotri
Director: Tanushri Chatrji Basu
Rating: *1/2 


What's it about:
Staying true to its title, Purani Jeans is an old trick in a new box. Unfortunately the magic in this trick is missing. A story of a bunch of friends from Kasauli, the film has taken cinematic liberties to use every possible cliche and amplify it ten times to make it unbearable. A love triangle loses its geometric shape and suddenly finds multiple angles to take explore. Sidharth (Tanuj Virwani) and Samuel (Aditya Seal) are best friends with different ambitions and likings. Their paths cross when they both want the same thing - attention of Nayantara (Izabelle) whose name bears no resemblance to her looks. What follows are a series of events and badly written sequences that even the scenic locales of Kasauli can't salvage. 

What's hot:
Both Aditya and Tanuj despite their sketchy roles have a certain honesty with which they approach their characters. The banter and friendly interaction between the friends seems natural and not forced. 

What's not:
If you had to make a list of predictability quotient then Purani Jeans would run out of stationary. Be it the two guys falling for the same girl or portions to showcase college romance we have all been there seen that. Even if the packaging or execution was smarter there would have been some interest in following up the story. Apart from the 'Dil Aaj Kal' track none of the songs really register. Sarika's character of a drunk mother to Aditya is not only awkward but also unnecessary. 

What to do:
Extremely formula driven, Purani Jeans fails to generate any excitement with its below average writing and bad acting.

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