Yet another nagin strikes

Tuesday, 19 February 2008 - 11:59pm IST

Actor Rubina Fasihuddin plays a snake who dreams of enjoying a ‘human’ life in Neeli Aankhen.

Actor Rubina Fasihuddin plays a snake who dreams of enjoying a ‘human’ life in Neeli Aankhen

The look
The new age nagin is here: she wears blue lenses and changes costumes to suit the situations. “I don’t have a particular look in the show Neeli Aankhen. Sometimes, I am dressed as a Kashmiri, and sometimes like Amrapali. Once I was even dressed like Zeenat Aman,” Rubina says adding, “Thankfully, I am not given those funny costumes that a nagin is usually made to wear.”

She continues, “I wear blue lenses because it’s integral to the plot. But I wish I had blue eyes naturally.”

The role
She elaborates on her role, “My character is that of an ichadari nagin who wants to live like a normal person. She comes to earth in the form of a beautiful lady and meets different people. A tantrik learns of the truth because her deep blue eyes are the windows to her self.”

Why did she choose a subject like this? “It’s not the typical saas bahu saga. Yet, it has all the drama along with graphics and animation to make it enjoyable.”

Career switch
Acting was definitely not on her cards when she won the national level title for swimming. Later she took to ramp modeling. She then debuted in a Telugu film with Arjun Punj. What made her then divert to television? “I had more than my share of South films. You have to stay in Hyderabad for the major part of the year while my base is in Mumbai. I was feeling terribly homesick too. So I decided to give it up and try my luck here. Thankfully, I was selected for Neeli Aankhen.”

Real Rubina
“I am like my character—positive and innocent. I am vulnerable like her too,” she says. No wonder, Rubina, an only child, has her dad for support at all times. “He’s my pillar of strength. My mother is an airhostess and is away most of the times. It’s my dad who’s handling my work and accompanies me everywhere. I feel safe with him around,” she ends.


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