'Yaare Koogadali' offers action unlimited

Saturday, 22 December 2012 - 2:07pm IST Updated: Saturday, 22 December 2012 - 3:16pm IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

Yaare Koogadaliis a film that celebrates friendship and comes with a message that today’s youth could do with.

Even before completing Yaare Koogadali, his first film with Puneet Rajkumar, director Samuthirakani had expressed his desire to work with the actor again.

Watch Yaare... that released this week and you will know why. The director has brought his Tamil film Porali to Kannada and made the film look tailor made for Puneet.

Yaare... centres around Kumara (Puneet) and Natesha (Yogesh) who are trying to eke out a living through fair means after escaping from a mental hospital.

They even succeed in motivating a bunch of other unemployed youth to join them in their endeavour. Their positive attitude and hard work take them places too but soon their dark past catches up with them. Yaare... is a film that celebrates friendship just like Kani’s several other films.

The film comes with a message that today’s youth could do with. The director ably assisted by cameraman Sukumar creates a complete package for Puneet’s fans.

There is enough scope for them to cheer on as Puneet takes on the baddies in stylised action sequences. However, there is every chance for you to feel that too many punches are being packed in.

Puneet gets enough scope to show off his dancing skills, if only the music was as good. Even a special song in which Charmee shakes a leg is not as electrifying as it is expected to be.

As for the performances of the lead actors, Puneet does complete justice to his role. Yogesh, who shares screen space with him for the second time manages to hold his own.

Bhavana who has little to do also makes the most of the screen time made available to her. Sadhu Kokila provides the much needed comic relief. Shobraj is limited to a small act but he too excels.

Yes, there could have been less bloodshed and better music. Actors like Achyutha and Rakesh should also have been put to better use and the second half could have been crisper.

But don’t make these your reasons to not watch the film. Yaare... brings with it a hit director-actor combo. This is hoping they come back together for an original script next time.

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