Will Justin Bieber star as 'baddie' in 'Expendables 4'?

Monday, 25 August 2014 - 1:47pm IST | Agency: ANI

Justin Bieber was jokingly suggested for 'Expendables 4' "baddie" by the star cast of the movie.

'Expendables' director Sylvester Stallone supposedly loved the idea because he believed that the 20-year-old singer's presence in the movie could make the film into a certain box-office smash hit, the Daily Star reported. 'Expendables' stars Jason Statham, 47, and Randy Couture, 51, insisted that Bieber was not "up to scratch" when it came to fighting current talent.

Speaking about Bieber's role, Couture said that, he just did not see that.

A source said that Stallone was not ruling out having Bieber on board even though it had unsettled some of his cast mates.

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