Why does Jacqueline Fernandez think Salman Khan is very intimidating

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 - 8:02pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

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Exuding enormous amount of energy, Jacqueline Fernandez's vivacious effervescence can take you by surprise. The actress is definitely awaiting the release of her next film, the ambitious Kick, this Friday. While we caught up with Jacqueline for a nice chat, she floored us with her disarming candour and her nice manner. Excerpts:

There was a time when foreign actors didn't get their due respect from the Indian audience. Today, you have a Katrina Kaif or a Jacqueline Fernandez or a Nargis Fakhri rules the rooster as much as a Deepika Padukone or a Sonam Kapoor or an Alia Bhatt, what do you think of the progression?

This was always inevitable. So the concept of foreign imports coming over to Bollywood was always bound to happen. First of all, you are talking cinema. Cinema does not have a particular language or an ethnicity. It does not come with such hash tags. Secondly, if you are looking at world cinema, like Hollywood, you will find a whole bunch of foreign imports. There's a Penelope Cruz, a Nicole Kidman and Freida Pinto who are huge actresses but they are not American. They have slowly adapted to the American culture and have become international stars, speaking in their accent. but at the end of the day, they are still foreign imports and they have been welcomed. Same goes for Bollywood because it is getting more globalized now. Bollywood is not just watched by Indians anymore, it is been watched by everyone all over the world. Katrina is still someone I admire because she brought this along very well. She brought the change with a lot of hard work. She is continuing to look gorgeous, work hard and be on top even now. I think its amazing. So Katrina is definitely a pioneer in this regard.

Working with Salman Khan for the first time, how was the first time experience with him? Were you unnerved?

Salman is very intimidating. I had the same experience on the first day and I think its definitely difficult not to be intimidated by someone like Salman. He is someone who has a strong aura and its very intimidating. Last time I met Salman was on the Bigg Boss promotions of Race 2, and I was so nervous on stage. I had Anil Kapoor next to me along with Salman and I started drinking so much water because my mouth just would go dry every time. So I had to take so many water breaks that time. (Laughs out loud) On the first day of shoot for Kick, I kept on saying to myself, 'Oh god, I am shooting with Salman'. Everyone was having that vibe where the make up artist's hands were shivering. So everyone was going beserk. Finally when he arrived on set, we did our shot and the first shot went like a dream! There was an amazing energy and the chemistry was like wow. Sometimes things go totally thanda. But with Salman, you get the little sparks that you need otherwise. But when you have someone like Salman who has this massive energy, it automatically makes you start reacting to that as well. The whole set was on a genuine rush that day because we had shot three-four days before that without him. but when he joined on the fourth day, it was like a mad and crazy day for the entire unit.

Having worked with Salman now, are there any plans of doing a film alongside Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan?

Honestly, we all are here to grow. I never thought I would ever do any film with any of the Khans. At one point, it just seemed very far fetched to me. now when I had this opportunity to work with Salman, it just fell in the right places. In my next film, I am working with Ranbir. I feel extremely blessed to have worked with Amitabh Bachchan sir in my first film. I want to grow as a person and as an actress, so that would mean working with many different actors and working in many different movies. i am definitely not going to limit myself. But if it has to happen, it will.

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