What’s age got to do with it!

Friday, 14 February 2014 - 6:00am IST Updated: Thursday, 13 February 2014 - 6:15pm IST | Agency: DNA
They have defied convention and proved that age is no bar when it comes to love. A look at couples who are happy in the older woman-younger man relationship.

Traditionally Indians believe that when it comes to life partners, the man has to be older than the woman. But that theory has been turned on its head by several TV celebrities. Whether it’s Ankita Lokhande – Sushant Singh Rajput, the hot couple who met on the sets of Pavitra Rishta, Mohit Sehgal – Sanaya Irani who have been dating since the last two years, Kushal Tandon-Gauahar Khan who met and fell in love in Bigg Boss 7, the women are older to the men.  Age, it seems, is just a number for these much-in-love couples.

Karanvir Bohra – Teejay Sidhu
Karanvir who is three-and-a-half years younger than his wife Teejay says it’s not the age, but how well they connect with each other that matters. “How hot or beautiful a girl is, is not the only criteria. She has to be good at holding a conversation. I have always had an inclination towards mature women because they are secure, stable and good at taking care of you,” says Karanvir. Teejay and he met for the first time in a church and discovered they had similar likes and dislikes. “Both of us have a spiritual bent of mind and we connected in a big way,” says Karanvir who was smitten by Teejay’s smile and eyes. Though he initially had a problem convincing his Marwari parents about accepting Teejay, it was sorted out, “when they met her”. According to the leggy actress, age doesn’t represent maturity. Though Karanvir was younger, she found him mature in his thinking. “He knew how to take care of a girl he also knew what he wanted out of life. I met him even before he did Kasauti Zindagi Kay and I was impressed by his determination,” says Teejay. So much so that, initially she thought he was older than her! It was a time when both were on the threshold of their careers. “Karanvir said that we should cement our relationship before we make it big as we had only our love for each other going for us. This proved that it wasn’t a kid talking but a sensible person,” says Teejay proudly. The couple has been married for eight years now. Interestingly, an upcoming episode of Yeh hai Aashiqui has Karanvir romancing an older woman played by Shilpa Saklani!

Tanaaz – Bhaktiyar Irani
Tanaaz is older to Bhaktiyar by seven years but the actress takes it as a blessing. “I am older and sensible, but it is Bhakiyar’s chutzpah that keeps me on my toes,” smiles Tanaaz. On her part she never tells him ‘I told you so’. “At the same time I refuse to live in his or by his mistakes,” she quips. Ask her what attracted him to her and she says he saw a modern girl with values. “Most people misinterpret an English speaking la di dah girl, with curly hair but Bhaktiyar knew that deep down I had all the qualities he was looking for in his wife,” says Tanaaz proudly. The actress has a 21-year-old daughter from her first marriage and two children with Bhaktiyar.  “It’s wonderful to relive what I had with my first born,” says Tanaaz who gave birth to a baby girl a year ago. About the fights they had in Bigg Boss 5 and rumours of trouble in the marriage, she dismisses it saying everybody matures in a relationship. “We have had some of the best moments in our life together,” she says fondly.

Bhaktiyar is clear that if he had married a younger girl and had a kid within a year of marriage he would have been in trouble! “I myself am still a kid! I live in a lala land and have yet to grow up,” grins Bhaktiyar adding that he always needed a stabilising factor in his life and Tanaaz being older to him was perfect for him. “I am a difficult person to live with. When I decided to date Tanaaz I realised that her approach to life was different. She never enforced her views on me, let me do what I want, even mistakes, which helped me change,” says the actor who lived-in with her before taking the plunge. “That happened because we had no choice, both of us were thrown out of our respective houses when the families learnt that we are seeing each other, but living-in is the best way to get to know each other.” smiles Bhaktiyar.

Sangram Singh – Payal Rohatgi
Age is just a formality for Sangram Singh who has been in a live-in relationship with Payal Rohatgi for two years now. Says Sangram, “I never asked Payal her age, I just did a google search on her and found that she is older to me by a year. I used to tease her whenever something went wrong ‘aap bade ho, aapko pata hona chahiye,’ that’s about it. Age doesn’t matter at all.”  It was her honesty humility and straight-forwardness that attracted him when they did the reality show Survivor. “When she talked about her background and how she had worked hard to reach where she was I felt a kinship because even I have led a difficult life,” says the wrestler-turned-actor, who is planning to tie the knot this year. “I want to start a wrestling league and help several children but before that I want to get married to Payal,” he reveals. On her part, Payal finds Sangram more mature and level-headed. “I am more like a kid, though I am older to him,” she grins. They met for the first time when her car broke down on the Delhi-Agra highway. He was passing by when he stopped to help her. Though they exchanged numbers he did not call her till they met again on the sets of Survivor.  “We found that we were on the same wavelength and come from humble families. What’s more he has been instrumental in patching up my parents who were separated for 16 years,” says Payal appreciatively.

Kushal Tandon – Gauahar Khan
Kushal Tandon who is a couple of years younger than Gauahar Khan wooed and proposed to her in Bigg Boss 7. While many felt that their romance was only for the cameras, the duo took off to Goa for a vacation as soon as the show was over. Not only that, they are currently part of another reality show — Khatron Ke Khiladi. Kushal feels that an age difference of three-four years is “nothing.” “Love is love, Gauahar is a good human being and beautiful. Besides I am only one year younger than her,” he insists. For Gauahar, who was often seen reprimanding and restraining Kushal from behaving childishly, it was this very quality in Kushal that drew her to him. “He is naughty, fun and caring and if you love someone, you accept his childlike behaviour,” she said in an earlier interiview.

Mohit Sehgal - Sanaya Irani
Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani met on the sets of Miley Jab Hum Tum and soon love blossomed. It did not matter that Sanaya was a couple of years older than Mohit. “In earlier days, age was given importance but now nobody cares as long as the two people involved, understand each other. Anyway in our case the age difference is not much and I love Sanaya because she is warm, caring and homely, the way I thought my girl should be,” smiles Mohit. Since both are shooting for their shows Qubool Hai and Rangrasiya respectively, Mohit plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking Sanaya for dinner late in the evening.

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