'We are in a deep relationship'

Thursday, 18 January 2007 - 7:23pm IST

Krishna Abhishek on his show ‘Sautela’ and his love for the married Kashmeera Shah

Krishna Abhishek on his show ‘Sautela’ and his love for the married Kashmeera Shah

Govinda’s nephew Krishna Abhishek made his film debut a couple of years ago, with ‘Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai’. Though he couldn’t make it big in Hindi films, he is a busy actor in Bhojpuri films. Presently, Krishna is all set to prove himself on TV too, with producer-actor Mukesh Khanna’s latest serial ‘Sautela’, which will air on Doordarshan soon.

Why TV?
The show, directed by Yatyendra Rawat, has him playing the protagonist. “I play Yugank, Mukeshji’s (Khanna) son. I took up this offer because I thought my Bhojpuri films would also get a boost. Mukeshji has been kind enough to let me devote just six days every month for the show. I preferred to opt for a serial on Doordarshan so that I could reach out to the masses.”

Krishna on Kashmeera
Krishna also confesses that he fell in love with actor Kashmeera Shah on the sets of his film ‘Pappu Paas Ho Gaya’. “I knew that Kashmeera is married but I couldn’t help it. Love is blind and we are in a deep relationship,” Krishna confesses.” He adds, “Kashmeera is a simple soul. Though she has been saddled with this image of a ‘hot’ girl, no one knows her closer than me. She is very genuine and straightforward. Because she is blunt, she has few friends.”

Krishna reveals that when they fell in love, Kashmeera had already applied for divorce from her husband Brad Listermann. “Brad is a wonderful guy I respect him a lot. But things went wrong between them,” says Krishna. He continues, “Kashmeera cares about me a lot. I’ll always be with her. When she was evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’ (Sony) rumours suggested that she would patch-up with Brad. It is up to Kashmeera. If she wants to go back to Brad, I’ll step out. I’ll believe that destiny willed otherwise.”

Lone warrior
Asserting that he is self-respecting Krishna says, “Even when my father had to sell our flat due to financial problems, I did’nt ask help from Govinda uncle. Today, I’ve bought my own flat. When my Bhojpuri producers hinted that I should get my uncle in for a special appearance, I told them that I’d come up on my own steam rather than by exploiting my uncle.”                                                                

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