Watching a movie is not a crime: Producer Krishika Lulla

Monday, 9 December 2013 - 11:20am IST | Agency: DNA
Krishika Lulla reacts to allegations that Manaayata Dutt attended her birthday party despite being ill.

Producer Krishika Lulla, Manaayata Dutt’s close friend, is upset that certain sections of the media and some people on social networking websites have slammed Sanjay Dutt’s wife for attending her birthday party on Thursday.

Krishika says, “Why are people after Maana and criticising her so much? She is genuinely unwell. In fact, she was so much in pain that she couldn’t attend my Ram Leela trial a few weeks ago.
She didn’t want to come for my R... Rajkumar show but as it was my birthday I wanted to bring it in with her. I told her she would feel a little better if she stepped out of the house as she’s been cooped for weeks inside because of her illness and she may have to undergo a surgery soon. In fact, I had to force her to come and watch the movie.”

There was a furore on Twitter over Sanjay Dutt getting parole due to Manaayata’s illness. She not only attended Krishika’s trial but was also seen partying with her and cutting cake with her at her home the same night. “What rubbish! Watching a movie is not a crime! Does this mean if a person is unwell he or she can’t go out at all? We watched the film at Sunny Super Sound and cut my birthday cake there. There was no party at home. Maana didn’t even attend my birthday party in Juhu the next night!”

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