War between Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone?

Thursday, 3 April 2014 - 7:20am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Things have soured between Kapoor and her arch rival Deepika Padukone, as was evident on a recent show

It happened over a period of time. But Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are no longer on talking terms. The two actresses who spoke about being friends in the last season of Koffee With Karan (one of the most -talked about episodes ver),came seperately this time. But that's not surprising things were brewing under the surface for a while. What was suprising that the politically correct Ms Kapoor was very clear about her opinions about Dips. And not of it was flattering.

The two actresses started out together with their debut films clashing Saawariyan and Om Shanti Om in 2007. Then there was he Ranbir Kapoor connection. But it was in the last year that their friendship took a wrong turn.

Girlfriend matters
Says a source, "The rivalry, between the two girls, has now developed into an icy cold war. It started when post KWK3, Deepika patched up with the commong enemy Ranbir but went onto sign a film with him (Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani). She had even attended Ranbir's birthday party where Sonam was not invited. Interestingly, while the two actresses are not on good terms now, Sonam is extremely fond of Ranbir's girlfriend Katrina Kaif and whenever given a chance makes not bones about her fondness for the actress.

Work matters
Both Dips and Sonam until recently were managed by the same PR agency. But the Kapoor girl felt that Dippy used them to undermine her Bewaakofiyaan girl and to highlight her brand. Sonam felt that a lot of stories were planted against her. It was hinted in many articles that Ms Kapoor was getting Dips' reject films and endorsements. And Sonam decided it was time to retaliate. Last week she moved to another publicist.

Koffee and Conversations
Sonam was in the mood to hit out that much was clear on the show. When Karan Johar asked about how the fashionista found the fashion trends she fired her first salvo against Deepika, "Amongst the rest Deepika has upped her game because… But that is all thanks to Anahita (Deepika's stylist) who is doing a great job with her. Katrina is herself. She does not try to fit into a mould which I respect a lot. She is not trying to become the fashion icon of the century (dig at Deepika again) which is really cool. I like the fact that she likes being in jeans and white shirt rather than be on the cover of Vogue every three months!'"

What Deepika has
In the rapid fire section, when Karan asked her what is the one thing Deepika Padukone has that she doesn't pat came Sonam's reply, "An over enthusiastic PR team." When he asked her to name a good girl gone bad, pat came the reply: "Deepika." when he asked if she had any fashion advice for her rival, Sonam retorted, "Create your own style. She's not a clotheshorse. She wears what people…she doesn't have her own style."

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