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They look hot whether they are shirtless or in a three-piece suit. Period! Here's After Hrs picks of TV's devastatingly charming dudes!

They kick some serious ass in the boardroom, wear made-to-measure jackets like a second skin and have divine accents. Whether they are playing blood quaffing vampires or just running an ad agency with too many voluptuous women for company - they clearly add to our adrenaline rush by their mere presence. Let's see who are these killer studs who can morph from being thorough gentlemen to being bad men who throw punches a la Russell Crowe...

Vampire we all love!
Ian Somerhalder in Vampire Diaries

As the delectable Damon Salvatore, he has cast an infectious spell on the show's female fans. He has had some of the best lines on the show and his smouldering chocolate boys looks, sparkly blue eyes and gorgeous hair (a study in perfectionism) make him the ultimate pin-up sensation. On the show laced with drama, mystery and intrigue, Damon plays both good and evil with elan. His romantic gestures are as charming as his bad boy act and so is his beyond perfect baroque den.

Mr Perfect
Matt Bomer in White Collar

He broke countless hearts this year when he shocked his fans by revealing he has been married for years. The openly out gay actor from the White Collar is simply beyond hot - whether he is seducing women on the show or wearing a fedora with a waist coat. Combine his killer looks with a come-rest-on-my-shoulders demeanour and you've got an homme fatale.

The shirtless Hottie
Ryan Kwanten in True Blood

We'd rather see him shirtless and thanks to True Blood we can never have enough of his brawny physique. His sculpted body looks extra-terrestrial thanks to his life-long dedication to sport and fitness. The hunk could swim before he could walk. He fought 18 amateur boxing matches. He qualified for the world biathlon championships two years running. All that explains THAT body. He's perhaps one of the many reasons why women and some men watched True Blood

Mr Accent
Brett Tucker in Mistresses

We can't get past his seductive accent and gruff voice. A toned body, blonde hair and machismo oozing out of every frame of his make him a true delicacy on Mistresses. Not many know that Brett Tucker wasn't always going to play his character on the ABC's show as an Australian. The character was initially written as an American, but was later changed to use the actor's own accent.

Mr Made To Pleasure
Gabriel Macht in Suits

Harvey Specter is one of the epochal characters of our times - smart, dashing, ruthless and still so adorable. His pin-stripped three-piece suit, perfectly gelled hair and supremely confident body language make him ahead of the sex appeal curve. He owns every boardroom he walks into and practically every frame of the show. When Harvey talks, everything else appears blurred for the die-hard Suits addicts. Wish there were men like him in real life too.

Ruggedness Central
Ryan Guzman in Pretty Little Liars

His extremely rugged demeanour and kickboxing act on the show is a major turn on for its female fans. Also the fact that he plays the polite, gentleman on the show makes him the ideal boyfriend material. He is also a mixed martial arts fighter. He started as a model in San Francisco in 2006 while attending college in Sacramento and also training and fighting in M.M.A. in his spare time. It's good to find the real man on such a preppy show.

Mr Cutie Cute
Josh Bowman in Revenge

Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson is an ultra-cute boy. He has a flawless face, sublime vibe and his vulnerability adds to his charm. Caught between his love Emily and mom Victoria - he always finds himself in a delicate spot. His transformation on the show from an irresponsible rich, spoilt lad to a seasoned heir to the business has been exemplary.

The Lady Killer
Jon Hamm in Mad Men

Reams and reams of newsprint has already been devoted to Don Draper yet no amount of prose or poetry can do justice to his sex appeal. Old world, rugged yet sophisticated - the man has transformed the act of bedding women into a fine art. He smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and rules Madison Avenue like no one else can. Women are just drawn to him like moths to a flame.

Salt minus the pepper
John Slattery in Mad Men

We love salt and pepper men but if there's too much salt minus the pepper then we aren't complaining either. Roger Sterling has done many, many things in his time. He has run an ad agency (occasionally into the ground), survived several heart attacks, dropped acid, fathered a son with a co-worker, and drunk an ocean of scotch. We also loved him playing a politician on both Sex & The City and Desperate Housewives.

Bastard we adore!
Kit Harington in Game of Thrones

His volumnious hair, a soft disgruntled expression on his face and the nice warrior spirit makes him one of the hottest characters on the show. No one can get over his dedication on the Night's Watch. He fights like a true blue assassin, falls in love with the girl from the enemys camp and his traumatised childhood (everyone calls him a bastard) makes him all the more endearing. We hope he takes off the warrior armour he wears all the time and shows us what lies underneath.

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