TV actors on their elusive freedom wish

Friday, 15 August 2014 - 6:40am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

All of us want to be free from some or the other fear. We thought Independence Day is the best time to ask our TV actors what is it that they crave freedom from?

Karan Tacker
The one and only fear I have at work is anxiety. I get anxious before a performance or a scene. Not that it lasts for long, just for a fraction of a second but it's there. I want to be free from that.

Siddharth Shukla
What if I wake up one morning and realise that I have forgotten one thing that I love doing the most - acting. This is my biggest fear and I hope such a day never comes in my life.

Manish Paul
Being a part of this industry there is a constant need to look good all the time and sometimes I wish I could get away from it!

Karan Patel
I have a fear of deadlines and emergency shoots. Whenever an emergency shoot comes up I hope some magic happens and it goes away. I wish we didn't have any deadlines to meet and have a ready bank of episodes always!

Neha Marda
I fear early morning shoots. The pain of waking up early and not being able to sleep well with the fear of waking up late! That's scary. I enjoy work and I love my shoots but I would love to have freedom from early morning shoots.

Mohit Malik
It has to be the fear of TRP's (Television Rating Points). If film actors dread Fridays and for TV its Thursdays when the ratings are out. I do feel if we got freedom from it we would be able to work better and give 100 percent and more, than worry about what every week holds for us.

Mona Singh
The fear of falling ill for us TV actors is huge. We shoot every day to keep a bank of episodes as they air every day. As a result, even if we fall ill we have to shoot! I wish we had a coporate life where we could call in sick and have the freedom to not shoot when totally unwell..the deadline sometimes can be killing.

Shashank Vyas
I want freedom from long travelling to set on a daily basis. I wish the set is near my house so I can come home and eat healthy food. I would like to utilise the time in pursuing a creative hobby or learn something new.

Rashami Desai
I want freedom from the fear of not having any time for myself. We actors live on the sets and shoot lots of scenes while working in a daily soap. We are always running short of time and our to-do list is ever increasing. We should get proper weekly off to rejuvenate ourselves. We actors need to have normal life too!

Roopal Tyagi
Working 30-31 days for 12 hours is inhuman. I have been doing this for three years now and my health, skin, hair - everything has suffered. There needs to be discipline in the industry which is a joke right now. Main leads suffer the most. I want freedom from erratic non stop shooting hours and days. A holiday a week is a must.

Vivian Dsena
Avoid doing similar kind of roles. I have the fear of being a repetitive actor. I want freedom to always choose different roles which offer me variety as an artist. Every role I do should have novelty factor.

Divyanka Tripathi
We are always short of time as there are just seven days in week to make six quality episodes. One re-telecast is a stigma on production and entire team. So we are always on a run. 'Dauda dauda bhaaga bhaaga sa' type. Need a system where there's no such fear.

Mouni Roy
My only fear is to not to be physically fit to work someday, especially dancing. I love working so I have a fear of being over-worked.

Mohammed Nazim
I want freedom from the fear of letting my audience down. I don't want them to feel even once that I didn't do the scene properly. I try to be perfect all the time as its their love which makes us stars.

Anita Hassnandani
I want freedom from the fear of unknown. Uncertainty in life and work plagues us all. I want that to be kept behind and want to live my life to the fullest.

Ruslaan Mumtaz
Freedom from late payments. In films, actors get a certain signing amount and then are paid in installments through the shoot but in TV, we get paid only 60 days after the telecast. And the 60 days end up becoming much more than 90 days! I'd like payments on time so that we can at least plan our finances.

Iqbal Khan
I want freedom from crappy dialogues and working seven days of work. Channels should get over the fear of airing unconventional shows and be free from the mindset of 'If we don't do regular stuff it don't work'.

—Compiled by Chaya Unnikrishnan

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