'The Walking Dead' inspires 'corpse cologne' to keep zombies at bay

Friday, 28 March 2014 - 5:28pm IST | Agency: ANI

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The American Chemical Society (ACS) has come up with cologne which they claim will help one survive a zombie apocalypse if it ever occurs.

According to ACS' Adam Dylewski, if a person smells like a rotting corpse, zombies would probably pass, and a few puffs of Eau de Death will help one get that, ABC News reported.

Dylewski acknowledged that zombies don't exist said they were encouraged to make this as a go ahead to the finale of TV series 'The Walking Dead'.

Raychelle Burks, the corpse perfume's mastermind and a chemistry post-doctoral fellow at Doane University in Nebraska said she was inspired by the TV series' first season and assures that the chemicals, mainly "putrescine" and "cadaverine", live up to their name.

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