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Sunday, 16 February 2014 - 6:00am IST Updated: Saturday, 15 February 2014 - 6:25pm IST | Agency: DNA
Farah Khan and Abhishek Bachchan feature in today’s episode of Koffee With Karan. Farah known for her wicked sense of humour and Abhishek who can make you crack up with his jokes, unleash their catty side, as host Karan Johar throws these rapid fire questions at them. Read on...

‘Name friends with Benefits?
Deepika and Ranveer!’

KARAN: Who would you cast as a lead actor in the following films based only on the title?
Karan: Friends With Benefits...
AB: Deepika and Ranveer

Karan: A product you feel embarrassed to endorse?
AB: I probably would not endorse a condom brand.

Karan: Who in Bollywood would you give the following awards to?
Karan: Foot in the mouth award...
AB: Sonam. Definitely.

Karan: Most hungry for attention...
AB: Probably Ranveer. I mean that in a good way.

Karan: How would you react if a male co-star hits on you?
AB: I would introduce them to John Abraham. He’s very possessive about me.

Karan: How would you react if an actress made a pass at you.
AB: I’d be very excited.
Farah: Definitely not introduce her to John Abraham.

Karan: At gunpoint if you were forced to have a gay encounter who would it be?
AB: Karan.

Karan: Who in Bollywood would win the following awards?
Karan: The biggest flirt...
AB: It will be a tie between John and Ranbir.

Karan: The biggest gossip monger...
AB: You, by far (Karan Johar).

‘I would have a gay encounter with Sunny Leone’
Karan: If you were playing truth or dare with the following people what would you ask them or dare them to do?

Karan: Sanjay Bhansali...
Farah: I would dare him to do a love scene with you.

Karan: SRK...
Farah: I would dare him to come at 9 am for a 9 am shoot.

Karan: If you were to throw a costume party who would come dressed as the following...
Karan: A sexy nurse...
Farah: John Abraham.

Karan: A cheerleader...
Farah: I want to see Boman cheering with pom poms.

Karan: At gunpoint if you were forced to have a gay encounter who would it be with?
Farah: Sunny Leone.

Karan: Hot or not? One of the two.

Karan: Shahid Kapoor...
Farah: Hot.

Karan: Akshay Kumar...
Farah: Hot.

Karan: Himesh Reshmaiya...
Farah: Very Hot.
Abhishek: (Laughs)
Farah: Why are you laughing? He is my neighbour.

Karan: Ranveer Singh...
Farah: Hot.

Karan: Shirish Kunder....
Farah: Hottest.

Karan: An overrated film in the last two years
Farah: It was a movie called Lootera.

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