The man and his Tomahawk Technique

Friday, 2 November 2012 - 12:38pm IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

Sean Paul is in town over the weekend and Bangalore’s hip hop, R&B, reggae and dancehall fans are all excited. A fan herself, Shilpa Bansal gets chatty with the Jamaican crooner...

His mohawk is getting a lot of attention, but ladies this is what Jamaican dancehall and reggae singer Sean Paul Henriques had to say about his latest hairdo and much more.  Bangalore is all set to ‘get busy’ with reggae superstar Sean Paul, who is on his maiden Indian tour and is going to ‘give it up to’ Bangaloreans on Sunday. This multi-platinum selling artiste from Kingston has enjoyed pop dominance and has been highly successful on the international charts, winning numerous awards in the process.

Sometimes for his music and sometimes for his style quotient and hairdos — Sean has always managed to create a lot of buzz in the international party music circuit. And so, when Kingfisher Ultra Soul Flyp decided to give Sean Paul fans the day for their lives by bringing down this super popular singer to our city, we decided it was time to have a chat with the hot Jamaican...

Which of your nominations have meant the most to you?
These nominations are the biggest motivation for any artiste. Having won awards like Entertainer Of The Year, a Grammy for Best Reggae album — Dutty Rock, American Music Award for the Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist and MTV Video awards for Best Dance Video (Temperature) — I am content. But the nominations that meant the most to me were Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance, World Music Awards for World’s Best Hip Hop Artist and the Grammy nomination for Best Reggae album — Trinity; I definitely would have wanted to win those.

What do you think of the current brand of R&B, hip hop and reggae artistes?
All I can say is that talent is flooding. Being one of the most popular reggae and hip hop artistes is something I am really happy about. Every artiste has his/ her own style, perspective and differentiating factor. I have collaborated with many dancehall and reggae artistes and everyone is pretty good at doing their job. I can’t really comment. As an artiste, I appreciate everyone. Musically, I love listening to Wiz Khalifa, Tyler the Creator, Bruno Mars, Roscoe Dash and Rick Ross.

How do you think your music has evolved over the years?
Evolving is something everyone needs to be doing — evolving as an artiste, as a person,  your style and your concepts. It is like sometimes, when you’re in the same waters all the time, you cannot be stagnant. I mean, I want someone else to help me achieve probably something I am not even thinking of. From Stage One (first album) to Tomahawk Technique (his latest release), I have done everything I could in dancehall music. I am up there with the best of them, so right now I am just expanding. I’ve started to produce and voice for other dancehall producers. So I have evolved by expanding.

And finally, your new hairdo — what was the idea behind getting it done?
It’s called the mohawk hairdo — my new stunt! This and my album, Tomahawk Technique are like my thing, my theme this year. But on a serious note I have this look for like a year and half now and it has been getting a lot of attention, but ladies... you see, the hair is the hair and the man is the man.

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