Set your goals and work on it: Sagharica Sawhney

Sunday, 17 August 2014 - 6:00am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Entrepreneur Sagharica Sawhney on juggling businesses and striking work life balance without skipping a beat

Overseeing 75 hotel projects across India, Dubai and Africa isn't a joke! However, Sagharica makes it all seem so easy. Perhaps the fact that she loves her work and is passionate about all her businesses makes it a smooth sailing for the jet-setter. Her venture, Sagarika Exim Pvt. Ltd, is a decade-and-a-half old company, which supplies niche gourmet processed food items to over 500 hotels and hospitality outlets in the country. Her architecture and interior design consultancy, SJ Impex is responsible for some of the most luxurious hospitality projects in the country as well as in Dubai.

Trinity of gourmet food, interior design and construction
She credits it all to teamwork. "I enjoy all my businesses and am passionate about what I do. It becomes a part of you. Hospitality, especially, is imbibed in me and very close to my heart and that's where I give my creative best," says she.

Global education
An alumnus of Delhi University's, Hindu College, Sagharica went on to get a post graduate degree in economics and finance from the London School of Economics.
One's keen to know how much her global education helped her shape up her sensibilities and acumen. "You see business in bigger scope of globe. In my formative years I studied in London and even in my professional career I have spent most of my time in and out of India. The global experience definitely gives you the confidence to take on the world. You understand the nuances needed to work in different countries."

Work life balance
She says that it's all about the art of time management and one needs to prioritise. "I enjoy travelling and don't see it as a challenge. Once you are there you create something from ground zero into a big building. I think there's time and place for everything. Of course family time is there too. You need to balance it out." Spoken like a true achiever!

Love for lawn tennis
She has been playing the game since young. In fact she learnt it from none other than Vijay Amritraj and was selected for the under-16 state level.
"My tennis regime is three times a week which is usually two hours. I have been training seriously. However, due to a neck injury I am trying to get back to the form. Whenever I see an opportunity, I pick up the racket and start playing. You can always find a group of people to play with," says she with a smile.

Entrepreneurship mantra
"Set your goals and work on it. There are going to be stumbles and there's no shortcut. Persistence is the key word and then everything falls into place. You will get what you want. Believe in yourself. I strongly believe that everybody is sent by God with a purpose and everything is predestined. Once you have the belief, half the job is done," says she.

Challenges faced
"It's all about fire fighting and finding your way out. You need to be patient, spot on and identify the problem and have the patience to resolve it. Escaping a problem is not solving the problem."

Future plans
"We handover Renaissance Bangalore Marriott later this year. In our food space, we are labelling and canning our own brand and we are also expanding in areas of construction," she signs off.

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