Salman, Shah Rukh Khan lead B-Town celebs taking a stand against cyber-bullying

Saturday, 17 August 2013 - 8:03am IST | Agency: dna

Bullying has evolved into its worst form — cyber bullying. Bullies have now entered the virtual world and are continuing their reign of terror online by cyber bullying helpless victims. Even celebrities fall prey to it that range from nasty abuses to threats. However, not everyone is turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to this kind of an attack. Recently Salman Khan took on a blogger and made him delete his post against him and tender an apology on this blog. Shah Rukh Khan also took on one such hater. Ekta Kapoor protested about being hounded on Twitter and Facebook by fans of TV actors who want her to repeat them in a new show, or bring back the old show. Here’s taking a look at the action taken in recent months...

Salman’s edge
Write with responsibility. If you have facts to back up your article, then a celeb will not take you on.  But if he/she feels there is a personal bias and you have gone too far, be ready to pay the price. When journalist Soumyaditya Banerjee posted in a blog on Salman Khan, he never expected the backlash he would receive for that. The actor’s team heard about this blog and took action. They decided to fight it and send him a legal notice. The journalist was now on the receiving end. And he didn’t like it one bit. He agreed to tender an unconditional apology, and the matter was settled. Following which, Soumyaditya wrote on his blog, “The last two days have been really excruciating for me. I have received a communication from Mr Salman Khan. There I have been instructed to remove two blog posts that I have written about him. Those articles have been removed from this blog.

Here’s a public apology to Mr Salman Khan for writing two blog posts that he didn’t consider appropriate. I am taking a break from writing on this blog till I am in a proper frame of mind to write again. I am really sorry.” Apparently, the journalist had written a story on Salman’s pending case on the hit-and-run accident in Bandra in Mumbai earlier, which he had to delete.

SRK Strikes
A blog ( talks about a certain twitter handle @Ra_Bies that has been trolling Shah Rukh Khan. Fight fire with fire seems to be the mantra. It is learnt that someone close to SRK has decided to write his own blog against the actor’s aggressor. His identity has been online and he has been shamed in the worst possible manner.

Don’t mess with SRK
“Over the past 2-3 years since twitter has become prominent, a few twitter celebrities (they have fondly termed their own selves as ‘twelebs’)  have arisen in that world. Most of them are arrogant folks who pride themselves on their supposedly superior intellect and humour. And Shah Rukh Khan has become a major whipping boy for a lot of these twelebs.

Someone who goes with the twitter username @Ra_Bies. This post is dedicated to @Ra_Bies or as he is known to people close to him, Rajiv Bhatia. And, no, he is not Akshay Kumar. When he was new on twitter, he used to spam Shah Rukh Khan’s twitter account (@iamsrk) to read his daughter’s poems. Yes, the greatest SRK hate account on twitter initially started out as a spam. Want proof? Here you go

The post elaborates on the identity of @Ra_Bies uncovering who Rajiv Bhatia is. It even gives details of his family and posts pictures on his wife. It states further, “Inspite of having two teenage children, he frequently flirts with girls who are his son’s age. We are not the moral police, and hence we are not going to be making any personal attacks on him (unlike him and his abuses against SRK). 

If you are reading this, Mr Rajiv Bhatia or any of his family members, we just want you to know that we will have already intimated a process with the cyber crime department for your tirades and abuses against SRK and his fans. If you do not delete your tweets about SRK and apologise, we will go ahead with that process and we will also be publishing pictures (pictures which you might be familiar with) that are already published publicly by your family members on Facebook and on other sites. Mend your ways before it is too late. We could have already filed a complaint against you but we still have a bit of humanity left in us unlike you.
The post ends with:

Edit: Since the post was out early this evening, Rajiv Bhatia has deleted almost all of the tweets mentioned here...”

Film industry protests
Kamaal R Khan, has been taking off on Ekta Kapoor relentlessly. A tabloid reported that she complained to the Producers Guild. What she should have done was to complain to the cyber cell. However, KRK continued to hound her and even challenged her complaint, “Ekta ji you must complaint against me but I still say that your last three films are flop.

Produce good films instead blaming me for flop result.” It is not just Ekta, he also takes off on actresses (Bipasha Basu and Huma Quereshi) and makes offensive comments. Some industrywallahs have approached the apex body, the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) and demanded strict action against him. Apparently, they want a complete ban on KRK as they feel he disrespects women. But it came to nought as no action could be taken (only if a written complaint is lodged can action be taken). KRK later said that some tweets were made from “fake KRK accounts”.

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