Salman Khan pulls up students for not respecting Subhash Ghai

Monday, 7 April 2014 - 7:00am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The actor pulled up students at Whistling Woods for not standing up in respect when dean Subhash Ghai passed by them in the corridor

Salman Khan is known for treating his elders with respect. He even calls his producers as Boneyji (Kapoor) Rameshji (Taurani) and Subhashji (Ghai), He is known to jump up to his feet from his seat when his parents or any senior person walks into the room. He doesn't even smoke or drink in front of his elders. Which is why he got so irritated when he saw some students of the showman's Whistling Woods showing 'disrespect' towards their principal Ghai, he fired them.

Says an eye witness, "Last week, Salman dropped in at Whistling Woods to meet Subhashji. Since he'd come after almost three months, Ghai was giving him a tour of the place. They were walking through the corridors when Salman noticed four students sitting on a couch. Despite spotting the filmmaker and the star approaching, the four continued to sit and continue chatting. This attitude infuriated Salman. He considered this as a sign of disrespect and what followed next was something that the students will remember forever.

The actor strode up to where they were seated and told them sternly, "Why can't you get up when your senior like Subhash Ghai is passing through? Khade ho jayo! I myself get up when I see Subhashji coming towards me." The students were taken aback and apologised to him and the filmmaker but that didn't calm Salman. He retorted, "Yahan chai pi rahe ho, lekin industry mein chai bhi nahi milegi agar badon ki respect nahi karoge toh!" At this moment, Ghai intervened to defend his students with, "I pass through so many times. How can they stand up every time when they see me?" But Salman was in no mood to be pacified. The students apologised to the actor once again.

Ghai confirms, "Yes Salman was very upset with a few students and scolded them for being disrespectful. Salim sahib and Salma bhabhi have groomed their children very well. Salman is a man of his words. He is very compassionate and generous. We have developed a mutual faith in each other." He further adds that later Salman asked him how much he loved the trailer and the music of his next film Kaanchi. The actor even spoke to the lead actress Mishti and gave her few tips on fitness.

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