Review: Prem Adda (Kannada)

Saturday, 8 December 2012 - 5:30pm IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

The makers would have done better to retain the flavour and intention of the original film. So watch it for the performance of the lead pair if you must.

Film: Prem Adda (Kannada)
Director: Mahesh Babu
Cast: Prem, Kriti Kharbanda
Rating: **1/2

Love, loyalty, betrayal, innocence… this week’s Kannada release Prem Adda plays on these very emotions that the film industry has time and again fallen back on to strike a chord with the audience.

This story travels between the 1980s and 2012, all the while making you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster ride. Prem Adda is the story of four innocent  men who get sucked into the big bad world of politics. There are those who commit a crime for money or  power, but the protagonists in this film don’t bat an eyelid before committing a heinous crime in the name of  loyalty and respect. They do get a second chance to rectify their mistakes and move on but it’s the path of revenge and bloodshed they choose instead. So yes, it’s violence all the way.

The A certificate that Prem Adda has been given (against the U/A that Subramaniapuram got and of which this film is a remake) is well justified. The language used in the film no doubt adds authenticity to the story and its characters but it will make you flinch if you are not all that much a fan of realistic cinema. What might annoy those who are not  great fans of formula films is the two special numbers.

While one features a foreigner, who doesn’t fit very well into the scheme of things, the other features Aindrita Ray who fails at being at seductress. For those who have watched the original, the commercialisation of the film will surely seem bothersome. Screenplay undergoes a change to add heroism to actor Prem’s image. All the same, he deserves a pat on his back for completely slipping into the skin of the character. His leading lady Kriti Kharbanda also excels. She shows that she has more than glamour to her credit. She is one actor that Sandalwood would do good to recognise.

Kali Evalu... the song is the other thing that will remain with you even after the film ends. While the music for the song is no different from the original Kangal Irandal... lyrics have been changed to add weight to the story, climax in particular. When it comes to the art department however, the original more convincingly manages to recreate the essence of the ’80s. So what’s our final word going to be... Well, just that Prem Adda does the very thing that Subramaniapuram stays away from... making criminals look like heroes. The makers would have done better to retain the flavour and intention of the original. So watch it for the performance of the lead pair if you must.

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