Rani Mukerji applies for recertification for 'Mardaani'

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 - 7:34pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

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After 'Mardaani' opened up to rave reviews and had a massive growth at the box office, thanks to a positive word of mouth, Rani Mukerji has applied for the film's re-certification. 

The film, which exposes the harsh realities of a brutal world that remains masked in the society, was given an 'A' certificate following some uncouth words used in the film. The Censor Board also had problems with a particular scene in the film, which was asked to be removed or toned down for a 'U/A' certificate but the team did not budge. Rani feels that the essence of the film would have been diluted, had the scene been chopped.

Rani, who urges women and men to watch the film, mostly for the message it preaches, also feels that the film must be made available for 12 year olds. 'As a girl, a woman and a married woman who will become a mother in the future, I feel this film should be given a certificate so that 12 year olds can watch the film. If a 12 year old does not get to see the film, how will they even be able to be aware about things around them? There have been people who have come out of the theatres and told me, 'Rani, does this happen?' and I am like, 'Where are you living? Ddon't you read the papers?' That kind of shakes me and makes me feel that people are still unaware of what's happening! If films like this are shown to the 12 year old and the 15 year olds, they would understand why their parents don't allow them to go here and there. So I want to tell the Censor Board that how can they not have a distinction for films for kids and a film for 12 plus or 15 plus. When a place like UK or Canada can have +12 and +15 certificates, why cant India do the same? And we made the film for India. So I have asked the NGOs to give me a letter so that I can give them to a Censor Board", Rani clarifies on her stand

But having used some cuss words and a bold scene in the film, will it be right for Rani to ask for a recertification? We asked her that and she clearly made her point. "The point is not that. You have to understand the maker's conviction. Had we chopped off the entire scene, where will the story stand? How will people realise what happens to people after they are trafficked? It was not meant to be titillating but it was meant to show and create an awareness about how things are in the bad section of the world. Today, if the film was a U/A, probably we could have earned a lot. But the fact that we have still gone for an 'A' certificate because we did not want to cut down the reality from the film. It will not make any impact at all! There are double meaning songs which gets a 'U/A' certificate. there a number of films which have such scenes, brutal rape scenes and still got a 'U/A' certificate. But we didn't. This is where the hypocrisy comes"

Rani who seems adamant on making 'Mardaani' an entire revolution is leaving no stone unturned trying to make sure her film reaches to everyone- irrespective of age or gender. That sure epitomises Rani's 'Mardaani' avatar.

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