Only diyas, no patakhas

Monday, 5 November 2012 - 10:56am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

With just a week to go for Diwali, TV stars tell us how they plan to celebrate and also urge people to make it a pollution- free festival.

Animals get affected
Diwali is one festival that causes the most amount of air and sound pollution. It’s a festival of lights and not crackers. Because of the explosive sound, animals get affected — some go deaf, some get so scared that out of sheer confusion, they run away from their homes.
— Aishwarya Sakhuja

Will stick to colourful diyas
I gave up bursting crackers after I became eco- conscious. I will celebrate Diwali making rangoli, eating sweets and spending quality time with my husband (actor Nandish) and family. If we do burst a handful of crackers which is rare, I will stick to the ones which are just for display of colours.
— Rashami Desai Sandhu

Burning crackers is like burning money
Instead of buying crackers, the same money can be donated to   people who can’t afford to spend even on clothes for Diwali. The smoke that emits out of crackers not only harms the environment but people who are bursting it also get affected. They end up either getting injured or inhaling the smoke leading to health issues. My wife Sanjeeda (Sheikh) and I will not be bursting crackers at all.
— Aamir Ali

A get together is the ideal way for a safe Diwali
As a child I  used to burst crackers. But as I grew up I learnt how ridiculous it is. It’s a wastage of money. Lighting diyas, praying to God, buying and distributing sweets is best. A get together with
family or friends is the ideal way to have a safe and happy Diwali.
— Aman Verma

Bursting crackers affects health
For years I have been celebrating a pollution-free Diwali. I can’t be a part of something (bursting crackers) that affects my health, my peace, and is so momentary that it gets over in seconds. I would rather spend Diwali dressing up, decorating, lighting diyas, and sharing a good meal with my family.
— Kritika Kamra

No crackers for me
This Diwali is going to be very special as I intend to give up bursting crackers! I have decided to be eco-friendly ensuring that there’s no sound and air pollution. This is the
least I can do for my planet.
— Manish Raisinghani

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