Neil Nitin Mukesh refuses to sport a tattoo

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 - 9:35am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The actor apparently is refusing to sport a tattoo which is part of his ‘look’ that has been finalised for him in a film.

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh is in two minds to sport a tattoo on his body even though his director has asked him to. The actor, sources say, is quite reluctant to sport a tattoo on his body.
“We don’t know the reason but Neil has told us that he has not thought about sporting a tattoo on his body for the film Short Cut Romeo. We have tried to reason with him but he has said that he will figure it out,” says a source.

Sporting a tattoo on his body will require Neil to get rid of all his body hair and this is something that the actor is dithering about. Neil hasn’t really shaved or waxed for any of his roles.” We have been looking for solutions and we have come up with the fact that he could wear a tattooed sleeve for the film. Neil had a meeting with us about the role but this tattoo part has not been finalised yet. We hope that he understands that sporting a tattoo these days is no big deal and you need to get yourself waxed for it,” the source adds.

There is also another source, a Bollywood fitness expert, who opines that to sport a waxed body, one needs to have some muscles on the torso too and Neil till date hasn’t really sported a six-pack ab. Sources say that Neil is looking at Hollywood actor Collin Farrel to figure out how he is going to act in the movie.

“This forthcoming film has the actor looking westward for inspiration. Hollywood’s bad boy, Collin Farrell provides the basis of Neil’s character in the film that is a unique mix of tough street appeal yet has shades of vulnerability in it. Neil is a big fan of Farrell’s films, Phone Booth and Alexander being some of his all time favourite films. Neil is going to sport a French beard and is said to have pierced his ears for the role. The actor has also been asked to have a tattooed sleeve, but Neil has not confirmed if he’s ready to get inked yet,” says a unit member.

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