Movie Review: 'Fukrey' struggles to make its own identity

Friday, 14 June 2013 - 1:13pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The opening scene of the film sets the tone of what is to follow.

Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Richa Chaddha, Vishakha Singh, Priya Anand and Pankaj Tripathi
Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

The opening scene of Fukrey sets the tone of what is to follow. Honey (Pulkit) and Chucha (Varun) are standing in their high school compound day dreaming about  college life and its perks. The language is colorful
and the flavor Punjabi. They are later joined by Lalli (Manjot Singh) and Zafar Bhai (Ali Fazal) a team of quirky foursome set out to make quick money with a lottery ticket. However, it isn't that easy as it might sound. Their game plan is based on Chucha's dreams which Honey decodes coming up with a lucky number that is bound to get them their prize money. Along the way we meet Bholi (Richa Chaddha) a foul mouthed Punjabi girl who invests in their plan making their life hell. It is a light hearted fun film that captures the flavour of the North and weaves a natural charm.

The first half focuses on introducing us to the main leads and their unique traits. Each of them stands apart from the other having distinct personalities. Honey is the good looking smooth operator, Chucha brings in the comic relief, Lalli and Fazal are the sensitive dudes battling their own demons. Even in their disparity there is a sense of bonding and camaraderie in this ensemble. The writing is sharp and even though the setting might seem familiar, we end up buying the story.

The pace picks up in the second half and it has a lot to do with Richa Chaddha's Bholi character who infuses a renewed interest in the storyline. However, the same cant be said about the other characters. Zafar bhai is the weakest link of the lot and we never connect with his backstory or tap our feet to the beats of his guitar. Of the cast, Pulkit Samrat is likeable and has the right mix of boy next door to the ruffian who wouldn't flinch from selling you off at the blink of an eye. His timing and equation with co-star Varun Sharma saves most of the weak moments from falling flat. Pankaj Tripathi as the college guard Pandit is on point and we wish he had some more screen time. Same with Honey's love interest Priya Anand who wins us over with her simplicity.

Fukrey works in parts and some of them are really funny, but overall it feels like an exercise in wanting to be a little bit of everything.  It sounds like Delhi Belly, looks like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and somewhere in between struggles to make its own identity.

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