Mother's Day: Moms who had complex relationships with their children

Sunday, 11 May 2014 - 6:30am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Mothers are usually portrayed as symbols of selfless love and sacrifice. For a change we bring you some glamourous telly mothers who have complex relationships with their children. These moms are shrewd, manipulative and cunning enough to further their interests at the cost of their offsprings!

Thakurayin in Rangrasiya
On the surface she is this nice, sweet Thakurayin, who everybody loves, in Rangrasiya. However, this beautiful lady played by Sadia Siddiqui has a dark background. She had left her crippled husband and ten-year-old son Rudra to marry a rich and handsome thakur (Trun Khanna)! She would coax her son into drinking a glass of milk by telling him if he doesn't listen, she will leave him. True to her word one day she just absconded one fine day, and landed a thakur.

Barkha in Gustakh Dil
Now here's a woman who loves to live life on her own terms. Not only that, Barkha (Meghna Malik) also wants complete control over her son Nikhil's (Vaibhav Roy) life. So, when Nikhil despite having a hep girlfriend gets married to a poor village simpleton Laajo(Sana Khan) and brings her home, Barkha is aghast. She tries her best to manipulate him into leaving Laajo and get back to his girlfriend. She is worried about her status in the society, if the son gets close to Laajo. Her relationship with Nikhil is complex to say the least.

Sakshi Goenka in Ek Hasina Thi
Sakshi (Simone Singh) is a doting mother alright, only she encourages her son to lead a dark life by condoning his sins, including rape. Only when she thinks his behaviour is putting a spoke in the wheels of her dubious plans does she pull him up. No wonder then that Shaurya acts first and thinks later.

Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Unapologetically ambitious and driven by greed, Shagun has no qualms furthering her career at the cost of her little daughter Ruhi. When her boss shows interest in her and she feels it'll work to her advantage Shagun doesn't think twice about walking out of her marriage or leaving Ruhi. She returns later to take her but Raman (Shagun's ex husband) marries Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and gains Ruhi's custody.

Suraiyya in Beintehaa
Here's a woman who is completely conniving and shrewd. Concerned about her wealthy status and prestige in the society, she manipulates everyone from her husband to children to get what she wants. She is close to her second son Zain (Harshad Arora), and when due to circumstances he ends up marrying the middle-class Aliya (Preetika Rao), Suraiyya tries her best to get rid of her. She cunningly but gently manipulates her son against his bride.

Shashikala in Doli Samrat Ki
Shashikala (Geeta Tyagi) is like a meethi churi. Extremely possessive about her son Samrat (Mohit Malik), she fears a change in equation if he gets close to his wife Urmi (Neha Marda). But she is shrewd enough not to make her dislike for Neha obvious. Instead, she plays games - she takes Urmi's side when her arrogant chauvinsitic son picks on her but quietly sows seeds of dissension in Samrat's mind.

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