Mohan-Suchitra dub for ‘Die Hard 4’

Wednesday, 20 June 2007 - 11:59pm IST

Actor Mohan Kapoor will be dubbing in Hindi for Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4, while Suchitra Pillai will be dubbing for the character of Maggie Q

The actors have given the Hindi voiceovers for Bruce Willis and Maggie Q in the film’s desi version

Actor and anchor Mohan Kapoor, who has been away from the limelight for some time now, will now be ‘heard’ on the big screen, giving the ‘Hindi voiceover’ for John McClane (Bruce Willis) in ‘Die hard 4.’

According to Mohan, sound engineer Atul recommended his name for dubbing the Hindi dialogues for the Hollywood superstar. “I have dubbed after a long time. I went for the voice test and it matched Bruce’s. So I was on,” says the actor. “Dubbing is not about lending a  voice in an Amitabh Bachchan like baritone. Rather, it needs to match the character’s sensibility and voice texture,” explains Mohan. Dubbing for Bruce was difficult because, “He hardly opens his mouth,” laughs Mohan.

Dubbing director Ellie Louise helped Mohan through the dubbing sessions since he was very nervous. The team then needed somebody to dub for the female character Maggie Q (Mail Lihn), who plays a terrorist. They didn’t need a voice of a quintessential Hindi speaking girl but a voice with an Anglicised and polished accent.

Mohan’s girlfriend and actor Achint Kaur suggested Suchitra Pillai’s name. When contacted Suchitra said, “I was recommended to Warner Brothers by Mohan Kapoor. They were looking for a voice to suit Maggie’s character and they liked mine. I didn’t have to go through any auditions since I have been working for radio since many years.”
 Suchitra says that the best part of doing this assignment was an opportunity to somehow be associated with Bruce Willis. “Now when I meet him, I can tell him I was opposite him in the Hindi version at least,” she quipped. 

Both Suchitra and Mohan are anxious to hear themselves in the latest sequel of the ‘Die Hard’ series. “I don’t like to watch dubbed versions of Hollywood movies, but am looking forward to this one for sure,” smiles Mohan.

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