Meet the new Salman Khan!

Thursday, 8 May 2014 - 1:20am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

He has two brothers called Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan!

In his new film Hawaa Hawaai, Amole Gupte has cast several very talented children. Gupte has spent a major part of his life working with street children and has cast one of them as a spirited gajra seller named Bhura in his latest. Bhura's off-screen name is Salman Chote Khan.

Turns out, Chote Salman is not only a huge fan of Salman Khan, he also has brothers named Aamir Chote Khan and Shah Rukh Chote Khan. Speaking affectionately on this unusual homage to the Khan superstars Gupte says, "Yes, Salman Chote Khan indeed has two brothers named Aamir and Shah Rukh. Salman Chote Khan is from the streets. The spirit and the spunk that you see in him onscreen comes from the fearlessness of not caring who's looking while he is acting. The boy has grown up on the streets. The camera doesn't intimidate him. How can it, when life doesn't intimidate him?"

The director further reveals that Salman Chote Khan's parents are impoverished. "His mother is a domestic help. His father is a construction labourer. They live in the buildings where the father works. They eat and sleep on the construction site. That's how poor these kids are."

The filmmaker hopes Hawaa Hawaii would make profits so that kids like Salman Chote Khan could get some financial help.

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