Marvel announces Paul Bettany to play The Vision in 'Avengers - Age of Ultron'

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Marvel makes another big announcement, adding another fan favourite to the ranks of the Avengers. Here's what you need to know about the cast, the character and his origins

The Vision, a long time Avenger who was present for almost all major events in the Avengers' comic history has just been given a slot in Joss Whedon's Avengers - Age Of Ultron. Paul Bettany who has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception in 2008 as the voice J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony Stark's self aware AI will be given a much bigger role as the first live action rendition of The Vision.

The long time Avenger has been a part of the Marvel Comic Universe since 1968 and was created by Ultron as a weapon to use against the Avengers especially Ultron's own creator Hank Pym. When Marvel announced that Hank Pym would in fact not be in the sequel to  'The Avengers', there was little or no talk of Vision making an appearance. However the introduction of the solo film with Paul Rudd portraying Scott Lang as the lead and Michael Douglas in a supporting role as founding Avenger Hank Pym, there was more than a chance that Vision would be introduced at some point. 

Rumours hit the Internet hard, that after Agent Phil Coulson's death in  'The Avengers', he would be brought back as Vision   in future instalments. But now that Bettany has the role, those rumours can be laid to rest. Now, it remains to be seen how Joss Whedon plans to include the Vision in the overall franchise; whether J.A.R.V.I.S will actually come under the control of Ultron or whether there will be no connection between J.A.R.V.I.S and the Vision whatsoever.

In other news, Marvel has announced that the Netfilx series revolving around Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist will all be part of the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Here are some things you'd want to know about the Vision before you seem him in 2015's Avengers - Age Of Ultron

* The Vision, a type of android he dubbed a 'synthezoid' was primarily created by Ultron to use as a weapon against his own creator Hank Pym and Pym's wife, Janet van Dyne, founding members of the Avengers.

* Since his introduction into the team, the Vision has been a part of most incarnations of the ever changing Avengers roster, being on there almost as long as its founding members.

* The Vision is highly formidable foe, and one of the powerhouse members of the Avengers. His powers include the ability to fire beams of infra-red and microwave radiation, super strength, flight, density manipulation, mind control, telepathy and the use of a hologram force to render himself invisible. The Vision is also capable of energy and holographic manipulation, shape shifting, and time travel.

* The Wasp (Janet van Dyne) was the first member of the Avengers to come in to contact with Vision.

* Ultron created The Vision by using the brain patterns of Wonder Man and what remained of the body of the original Human Torch.

* The Vision has a long term romantic relationship and later marriage with Wanda Maximoff AKA the Scarlett Witch (who will be portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen in Avengers - Age Of Ultron) and via her mutant powers, they have two children.

* At one point in the comics, the Vision led the Avengers for a number of issues.

* The Vision also worked along side the Young Avengers, becoming a mentor to them, and developed a romantic relationship with Scott Lang's daughter Cassie Lang.

* The Vision has 'died' a number of times in the comics and has been brought back to life.  

* After the first version of Vision was destroyed, the second incarnation is a fusion of the old Vision's operating systems and the armour of adventurer Iron Lad, a teenage version of Kang the Conqueror who arrives in the present.

* Following the Age of Ultron storyline in the comics, Vision joins Henry Pym's Avengers A.I. alongside Monica Chang, Victor Mancha, and a reprogrammed Doombot.

(Inputs from Marvel)

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