Madhuri Dixit’s elephantine task!

Sunday, 24 July 2011 - 1:47pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Actress Madhuri Dixit Nene takes up cudgels to save tuskers from man-animal conflict.

After actor Amitabh Bachchan campaigning for the tigers, you will now hear actress Madhuri Dixit Nene talking about saving Asian elephants. Sources close to the actress say she was deeply moved by the ghastly images of animals being hit by running trains in the jungles of North Bengal and felt very strongly about it.

According to a statement released by Madhuri, the actor feels that humans should not inhabit on the space meant for the tuskers. Since we have encroached upon their spaces, incidents of human-elephant struggle are increasing, she said.

“Elephants are one of my favourite animals and I love them. So what we need to do today is to see how we can preserve our animals. I feel very strongly about this,” the actress said.

On deforestation, Madhuri said it is high time that people in India woke up to its perils.

“Many instances of human-elephant conflict have been reported in the country. This would not have happened if elephants had their own space and humans did not cut forests for farmlands, settlements, industries, roads or railways,” she added.

Madhuri recently accepted an offer to become the face of a project that aims to secure space for Asian elephants. A Zambia-based company has collaborated with World Land Trust and Wildlife Trust of India to launch a project that raises funds for protection of elephants in Asia.

“What the company is doing is that they are not only taking resources from our land, they mine here for emeralds, but they are also giving it back. That I think every person needs to do,” Madhuri said.   

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