Looking forward to more work in india, says Eric Mouquet

Friday, 25 January 2013 - 9:59am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The musical prodigy and his band Deep Forest will be performing at the Sula Fest next weekend.

Musical prodigy Eric Mouquet, and his band Deep Forest, will be performing at the Sula Fest next weekend. Eric had recently collaborated with santoor player Rahul Sharma on the album Deep India. He tells us about upcoming gigs, possible collaborations, and his fascination with India. Excerpts from the email interview

Tell us about the show...what’s in store?
It will be an ethnic electronic mix with dance beats, folk tunes and upbeat tracks which will sweep the crowd off their feet. I’m aware that a lot is expected from me and I would like to live up to it. The tunes that I’ll be playing are inspired from various instruments.

And the next album...
Deep Africa is slated to release soon... It has contributions by artistes from South Africa, Congo, Cameroon, Senegal and Ivory Coast among others. The album is a compilation of different genres — reggae, electro, acoustic ballads and also features African instruments and percussion. I worked with artistes in an open studio and the tunes evolved there. I hope the audience acknowledges and likes it.

You worked with santoor player Rahul Sharma...How was the experience?
The guy’s a prodigy on santoor and it was very easy to work with him. We never met each other until the launch of the album. The collaboration was an amazing experience. He visited all parts of the country — Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Coorg — and handpicked the best folk artistes and introduced them to me.

How aware are you of Indian music and musicians?
After working on Deep India, I’d say I’m well-versed, if not an expert, on Indian music. Previously, I only knew that the country’s music is rich in folk roots linked to the vast and varied culture of the country.

Will this gig result in more collaborations with Indian artistes?
The country is rich with folk talent that’s spread across the land. I’m looking forward for other collaborations with Indian artistes, to mix their folk tunes with my electro beats... Let’s hope that I can come back for a new single or an album inspired by an Indian artiste real soon.

Any souvenir you’d want to take back?
Deep India is the amazing souvenir that I have acquired from here but this time I want to take back the warmth and affection of my audience.

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