It’s time to put a full stop to rape: Sakshi Tanwar

Friday, 21 December 2012 - 11:11am IST Updated: Friday, 21 December 2012 - 11:15am IST | Agency: dna

The TV actress and Delhi girl who is extremely disturbed with the gang-rape incident in the capital, speaks out against the incident
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I grew up in Delhi, did my schooling and graduation there. Eve teasing and molestation have always been a cause of concern. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends comprising boys and girls or only girls, lewd comments are a given. It’s nothing to do with provocative attire, even if you are covered from head to toe, they will pass a comment or touch you. My parents always told me to fight it out. Me and my sister have created a lot of noise around it. Once, we even took the bus to a police station. But that is because our family supported us. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with everyone. If a girl child is molested or eve teased, she is told to keep quiet because parents fear it will create a stigma and her marriage prospects will be affected.

When even a lewd comment can leave a scar on your mind, imagine what girls who have been molested or raped must be going through waiting for a court hearing to happen. You don’t know after the hearing whether the guys will be punished or not. Through all of this, the girl is told to keep quiet. That mindset needs to change. It has to begin in the house. Girls are always told to mind what they are wearing, the way they are sitting, walking etc.

Why aren’t boys told to respect their sister, mother, friends and colleagues? Why is it a given that a woman’s body is to be discussed and laughed about? There has to be a reconditioning of our social upbringing. A lot depends on the mother’s upbringing of the children. I am sure some of the wives, mothers and sisters will still blame the girl saying kyun gayi itni raat ko, ladke ke saath hai matlab available hai.

Gender discrimination is the root cause of this whole thing. It’s very important to introduce gender sensitisation everywhere including in the judiciary. We get scared to go to the police station and report a crime. Laws need to be more stringent. There have to be several special fast track courts and punishments have to be severe. It it time to put a full stop.


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