'It's time to make a choice': Vivek Oberoi

Sunday, 20 April 2014 - 7:25am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Vivek Oberoi tells why voting is imperative this time

Voting is an important way to express yourself. It's not only your right but duty to vote for a better India. I feel that this election, in my lifetime, is the most interesting and different election of all times because of Narendra Modi. The complete politics of India has changed, as for the first time the plank of development has been used in politics than religion, caste, reservation and all the issues people have raked up earlier. We are now talking about debt, growth and opportunities and actually achieving the destiny.

I am feeling extremely disappointed that I won't be able to cast my vote this time round. I signed contracts with IIFA before the poll dates were announced and even they were trying to adjust dates but it was a tough time! Fortunately, the rest of all my family and friends, who are not contractually bound, will all go out in large numbers and vote. I tell people around me that it takes a lot less effort to just go and cast your vote than to make up the number of excuses of why you don't want to vote. When I ask young people what of kind of India do you want most people are blank. Maybe because there's a lack of educated political structure amongst the students in India as they are ingrained in Europe. Many kids in Mumbai don't know about party ideology or the achievements of the government in the last few years. It's time to ask questions, inform and educate yourself.

This election will have the largest number of first-time voters. I see a lot of kids excited about casting their vote. I feel if somewhere we make the youth understand that it's cool to vote with your friends, or go in a group, stand in the queue and cast your vote, it would be a different kind of bond.

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