It’s action replay for Akshay Kumar

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 - 8:56am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Actor Akshay Kumar may finally be getting back to donning the mantle of his action avatar.

For a long time now, Akshay Kumar has not been seen in any out-and-out action flick, but now the actor’s all geared up to return to his action avatar with a bang. And though he’s just as excited to return to his maar-dhaad kind of roles with a vengeance, the action hero says it’s not a conscious decision to do any particular kind of genre or roles.

“It’s not like I plan that action is what I want to do or comedy is in, so let’s do that. As an actor, the fun is in doing roles of all sorts and that’s what I do. I’m an entertainer and no matter what the genre, I only want to entertain my audience,” says Akshay. And when it comes to entertaining, the actor believes no one genre is better than the other.

“We’ve seen films from action to romance to  comedies, all work equally well. No genre comes with a guarantee,” adds Akshay. But ask him if he prefers action or comedies, and he says that both are genres that he enjoys doing and watching. “I think the Jackie Chan kind of action appeals to me the most. They are superb when it comes to the action sequences, yet they make you laugh and are complete family entertainers.” As for his own return to action, the actor says, “I don’t think I can ever get action out of my system. It’s not just about getting that thrill while doing risky stunts, it’s almost like a prayer for me,” smiles the actor. “It’s not like I don’t enjoy comedy, but yes action is closer to my heart.”

But for now, the actor is looking forward to his outing in the comic caper Housefull 2, which he says was fun shooting. Considering that the first one was a hit at the Box Office, there’s bound to be pressure to outdo the original, but the actor thinks otherwise. “The moment you start worrying about how a film will fare at the BO, is when you go wrong. The only criteria is to make people laugh if you are making a comedy or make them want to cheer you if you are bashing up the bad guys. The rest just falls into place,” signs off Akshay.

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