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Monday, 18 December 2006 - 11:59pm IST

Daljit Kaur talks of being the newest face on television in the title role of ‘Kulvaddhu’ Shameem Khan

Daljit Kaur talks of being the newest face on television in the title role of ‘Kulvaddhu’ 


Coming from an army background, Daljit Kaur is being launched as the lead in Maverick productions first TV serial ‘Kulvaddhu’. She quips, “When I met producer Anuj Saxena for the first time after I signed the contract, he told me ‘you are going to be a star’. That’s when I realized that this show is very big.”


With a formidable star cast that comprises of Suhasini Mulay, Milind Gunaji, Sushmita Mukherjee and Kitu Gidwani, it’s a dream come true for any newcomer. “And to top that, the channel and Anuj pamper me completely. I wonder if there is anything bigger left to be done. That’s the reason I want to devote my complete attention on this show only and not look for more work now. Of course, I am bound by a contract but honestly, if you want to be mean there’s nothing to stop you. But here, there is a verbal understand between us which I respect.”


Daljit confirms that it’s not been as tough to make her mark. “I was Miss Pune 2004, runner-up of Miss Navy, Mumbai and Miss Maharashtra Queen. I have also won Miss Beautiful Hair at a beauty pagent and was a finalist in the Miss Mumbai contest. With so many titles, I was bound to be noticed by the right people in the business,” she quips.


Her debut came in the form of a role in ‘Manshaa’ (Zee) with Maanav Gohil who she considers as her guide. A few episodes of ‘CID’ and ‘Aahat’ that she acted got   Sandiip Sikcand of Sony to offer her the chance  to play the lead character of ‘Kulvaddhu’.


Speaking about her role, Daljit confesses “Niyati is me, except that I am city-bred and she comes from a royal Jodhpur family. But like her, I am young, vulnerable and loves to dream but at the same time, am not ashamed to admit my mistakes.”


On having chosen acting as her career, Daljit laughs “My dad is a retired Colonel and both my sisters are captains in the army. I am considered the delicate one. My sisters are proud of their job but I simply can’t see myself joining the forces.”


On her life right now, she says, “ I am seeing someone who I will reveal in sometime. I have a great family and now a rocking show. I am settled in life, emotionally speaking too. Life has been kind. And I am not greedy for more. Life’s bliss!”

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