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Kat-Ranbir looking for a place in Bandra to nest in, post marriage

Following the whispers of her closeness with her Bang Bang co-star Hrithik Roshan, a close friend of Katrina Kaif called us to clarify that the actress was more committed than ever to her long-term beau Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik is just a co-star and nothing more than that.

The friend said, "She is in a very happy space as far as Ranbir is concerned. They are way past all the hiccups and she is in a secure place in her relationship. She is deeply committed to the relationship and for the first time in her career, her relationship is her priority. It comes even before work."

The friend continues, "She has confessed to her friends that he means everything to her. She has never been this open about her relationship. Whenever she gets a break from shooting, she runs off to spend time with Ranbir. Even if it means flying off to Sri Lanka on the sets of his film Bombay Velvet. When Ranbir is in the city, she spends all her time at his Pali Hill bungalow, or they hang at her apartment in Bandra."

Kat BFF adds, "They have sorted out their differences. After their last break-up, earlier this year, they've both realised that they can't be happy without each other. They'd given each other space to figure out where their relationship was heading and the time apart made them realise that they are better off together than apart. Kat's devotion towards Ranbir is for all to see. She has also stepped back a bit from her work as Ranbir comes first. She didn't think twice before blowing off the offer to walk the coveted Cannes red carpet to shoot with him instead."

Katrina and Ranbir are currently house-hunting for a place of her own. If that doesn't tell you this couple is ready to nest, what will?

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