Gay couple hits home

Sunday, 23 June 2013 - 8:00am IST
The show is a huge step forward in terms of acceptance of same sex love, says Sonal Giani.

Sonal Giani who is currently seen in Zee’s Connected Hum Tum is drawing applause from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, after she confessed to being in love with another woman. Many activists from LGBT group have openly expressed themselves on social media platforms commending the channel for the representation of a lesbian couple on Indian television, informs a source. Harish Iyer, a prominent activist wrote in an open letter to director Paromita Vohra, “I expected a lot of hungama with some over-the-top, over-powering music and dramatic effects when you revealed the gender of Sonal’s lover. Instead, I was pleasantly proven wrong. You simply introduced the female lover of Sonal without any fanfare. And you conveyed the right message that love is beyond gender.”

Sonal says, “The show is a huge step forward in terms of acceptance of same sex love. Janu and I are the first lesbian couple to be showcased at primetime on national television. More and more people have begun to accept us with open arms as they feel for our struggle to be together.” Ajay Bhalwankar, Head- Content, Hindi GECs, ZEEL says, “The idea behind showcasing Sonal’s story was one of revealing the journey of a woman who is brave enough to assert her identity and go against the tide.”

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