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Monday, 5 November 2007 - 11:59pm IST

With Diwali just round the corner, it’s party time again. You might be splitting your hair thinking what new you can do for that special Diwali party at your place.

Three society women share tips on organising the perfect Diwali party with Riddhi Doshi

With Diwali just round the corner, it’s party time again. You might be splitting your hair thinking what new you can do for that special Diwali party at your place.

Here are a few ideas. After Hours gets party organiser Rachana Lucknowala and regular party hosts Anu Ranjan and Kiran Bawa to get together a perfect party for you.

Rachana Lucknowala opts for saffron and fun theme

Theme: Saffron

The theme should be simple, festive and elegant, not too over bearing. I would suggest to go with a mono colour which is festive and all the decorations ideas could revolve around that colour 

It’s Indian, bright and also very festive. It stands out well in the night. Decorations used here could be yellow marigold flowers, yellow paper kandeels, saffron coloured fabric for drapes, napkins etc.

Marigold petals can be used to float in urn with candles. All of the above are easily available in Dadar or at Crowford market.

Music can be soft instrumental, like a light santoor or sitar or one could also organise a guy to play soft jal tarang.

Theme:  Fun, casino
This theme is young, unconventional and encourages lot of interaction. Here the house can be decorated with lots of bright lights in multicolours.

Cutouts of playing cards, dice, roulette etc. can be put up. Various board games can be arranged in different corners of the house where guests can start making their own comfortable groups and play.

The games can be 7 up 7 down, Monopoly, Bridge etc Music could be retro, hip-hop or Hollywood. Cuisine can be a mix with a variety of Indian and continental dishes.
The cost for both the themes if done at home should not exceed Rs 10,000.

Anu Ranjan suggests a Maharashtrian theme

Theme: Maharastrian tradition

Dress code: Maharastrian outfits.

Decoration: Traditional Indian decoration with torans, door hangings, flowers, lanterns etc

Welcome: Welcome the guests by washing their legs with warm water over a small lamp made from rice flour known as ‘Kodi’ followed with their arti and sprinkling rosewater and petals of aster flowers.

Cards: Playing cards is the most important Diwali game for elders. Cracking fireworks is an interesting game for children.

Another interesting idea is to organise a ramp walk. All your guests will love to flaunt their authentic out fits.

Food: Keshri bhaat-Saffron rice, chutniche sarange, stuffed pomphret with coconut chutney, ghaati masala mutton,  kolambiche khadkhadle - prawns masala mutton or potato pulao and basundi.

Kiran Bawa prefers to go with the Indian theme

Theme: Indian

Welcome: Welcome the guests with khas and badam sherbet and make sure that the waiters are also clad in traditional Indian outfits.

Dress code: Festive

Food: Rajasthani food, dal bati, lapsi etc.

Playing cards: This is the essence of every Diwali party. Organise a comfortable sitting arrangement to make your guests feel at home.

Decoration: Bandhani drapes, flowers, floating diyas and kandils. Make sure you make a lovely rangoli outside your house.

Music: Punjabi music. It is peppy and everybody will enjoy it.

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