Film Review: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' is one of the dullest and most lethargic plots in the franchise

Friday, 27 June 2014 - 1:39pm IST | Place: Mumbai

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Starring: Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer, Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Peter Cullen, Stanley Tucci

Director: Michael Bay

Rating: **1/2 

What's it about:
Does the future of The Transformers series lie hidden in the title of its latest episode? We think so! In its fourth attempt to make some quick bucks at the box-office, Michael Bay puts together one of the dullest and most lethargic plots the franchise has seen. He's told this story before, many times, but hasn't taken so long to reach the climax. Almost clocking the deadly three hour mark, Age of Extinction is long and exhausting. Shia Lebeouf is gone and in his place we have Mark Wahlberg,  popularly known as Hollywood's bankable actor. He plays the guy who finds Optimus Prime. There is tons of scientific mumbo-jumbo about the war between the government and the Autobots. This never ending track needs to go extinct! We are also introduced to a new type of robots - dinobots (Jurrasic Park Redux?) which have a lot to do in the movie. 

What's hot:
It's Michael Bay. So you know what to expect. The scenes are bigger, the robots looks more menacing and the action is amplified to ten times the normal. Nicola Peltz replaces Megan Fox ( if she can ever be 'replaced') as the eye candy in the film, though at 17 she seems underage for Bay standards. Among the cast, Stanley Tucci does a fantastic job of playing Joshua Joyce, the head of  of Kinetic Sciences Institute (KSI), who is responsible for a lot that's happening with the new robots. Wahlberg looks good, but seems to feel out of place; with so much staring to do at the chroma we don't blame him!

What's not:
We never expect logic and reason from a Michael Bay film, but with Extinction he definitely doesn't care a damn about the plot. Why should he? With the billion dollar industry that he represents, storylines can take a backseat! Transformers started off as an event everyone young and old wanted to be a part of. These robots weren't just bodies of metal, but had emotions, feelings and attitude. All that is now lost somewhere on the desk of a CGI expert trying to make an even bigger monstrous machine. Bay needs to be sent to robot hell for dragging the second half at a tedious pace. Even though the action happens at regular intervals, there is a certain fatigue that creeps in as the actors go about playing their parts with no conviction. 

What to do:

The weakest link in the Transformers series, this one will make you wonder if its time to bid a final goodbye to your favourite robots!

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