#dnaROFL: To me, 'comedy' is truth, says Aditi Mittal

Thursday, 29 May 2014 - 5:35pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Dna's ROLF week at Canvas Laugh Factory which started on May 26, had a great start with some insane stand up comedians tickling the funny bone of the audiences. Aditi Mittal's show 'Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke' which was on May 28, turned out to be a super hit and added spice to the laughter week.

Mittal, who is a very familiar personality to all stand up comedy lovers ensured the room had a complete riot of laughter. In an informal conversation with her, she revealed, to dna, "comedy is truth. I have performed this show twice before and people loved it, so I decided to come up with the same performance at the ROFL week." Talking about the character of Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke, she said it was her friend's grandmother who happens to be the inspiration behind it. The old woman who happens to be a doctor herself is crazy with a funny accent and does weird research stuff.

Mittal gave her twist to the character and created the weird wacky 'Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke'. 'A sexologist, psychologist and fekologist' is her designation as the poster suggests. A doctor who would like asking people weird questions, create awkward situations and leave them feeling embarrassed while she's actually being 'bold'. A typical Maharashtrain old lady with a funny English accent is what she managed to maintain throughout the show and the way she did it, left the audience in splits. The doctor had an equally crazy patient.

Sourabh Pant who is one among the top three stand up comedians in India, did a great job as Dr. Lutchuke's patient. The conversation between the two nearly killed the audiences with laughter. The first half of the show was a casual interaction of each of the performers (Aditi and Sourabh) with the audiences. The second half was the appointment of an insane and frustrated patient Sourabh Pant with the weirdly crazy Dr. Lutchuke. 

The upcoming shows in the dna ROFL week along with their radio partner RED FM are set to give audiences more fun and laughter with amazing performers like Sapan Verma, Rohan Joshi, Varun Thakur, Sahil Shah. 

Watch a snippet of one of Aditi's previous shows here


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